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[As of season 3]

I'm feeling much better about sort of picking and choosing my canon now in the sense of letting certain episodes/scenes just... become very vague in my mind. This decision has been brought to you by the following terrible terrible piece of dialogue (just the last two lines):

Buffy: I know that. It's not even a question of that. It's just, after ... I need a little bit of a break. Please.

Angel: You still my girl?

Buffy: Always.

Just... really? Since when in the hell does Angel talk like that? And could it be any more inappropriate in tone?

Honestly, I'm just convinced that half the writers didn't know what the hell to do with Buffy and Angel. Angelus, sure, he's easy, he's being cruel and evil and torturing her (speaking of, anyone else think Angelus/Master would be fun?). And when Buffy's away from him, other life and the occasional angst. Even apocalypses follow a certain script.

I know I complain about this a lot, but just for once, I'd like to see them have an actual conversation rather than *angst* and make-out (I had this problem with season 2, too). I want to see what Angel does and doesn't tell her about his past and his feelings, rather than the occasional Buffy info-dump. I have the same problem with Cordelia/Xander and, to an extent, Willow/Oz. It's like the friends I used to have who would spend hours on the phone with one another doing nothing but saying "I love you" over and over.

That's not a relationship. That's a tape recorder.

Bleh. After "Becoming" (I and II) and "Amends", the writing on this front is just disappointing, guys. Especially since Angel's character is pretty much "Love Buffy, be a sad door mat."
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So I'm remembering why this show used to bug me so much at times: the way people can be complete morons and jerks (or the way really touchy issues are brought up) and it is never ever ever resolved.

I mean, Buffy is a terrible awful person for running away? And we're left with Xander taking the moral high ground (after lying to her) and Willow ranting about how hard her life was with a new boyfriend and Scary Witch Powers?

And don't even get me started on the way sexual assault is handled in the Swim Team episode. Her friends get bored of her ranting about what a jerk the principal is for blaming her for defending herself? Really?


ETA: Selfish Buffy is selfish. I mean, Angel comes back from a hell dimension where he's been for hundreds of years and you start going on about school and your boyfriend? It's like Willow with boy>>>killing the guy you love.

Just... perspective, people. Get. Some.
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In season 3, during "Helpless" (her 18th birthday, Giles gives her drugs to weaken her, crazy vamp tries to turn her, she almost dies, yadayada), what if Crazy Vamp actually turned Buffy? That would be such a twisted and badass plot arc, probably because she would be such a twisted badass vamp (whose first kill would probably be her mother, but still). And so soon after the whole Angelus thing, with Faith around, it would work out very interesting.

So... anyone wanna write it? Anyone? C'mon, I'll give you a cookie!

Buffy 3.0

Dec. 9th, 2008 02:33 pm
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...I forgot about how much I disliked Xander. Way to take out your jealousy issues on other people, dude.
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...Buffy really can't take responsibility when she screws up, can she? Like, at all. Her role in "Sanctuary" boils down to vengeance-starved bitch. And in the end, she just blames it on Faith.

Interesting character choice. Wish I could remember if there was ever any follow-through on it in the Angel arena (and not her going into self-destruct mode later on, as that was a lost-heaven thing).
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Season 1 of Angel? Made of win. And Buffy/Angel? Totally pwns Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Riley (though, to be fair, I don't think anyone really liked Buffy/Riley).

Although Buffy/Spike/Angel? I could hear an argument for that.

Also, why is there not more Faith/Spike? They'd be dysfunctional in such a fun way. Also, hot.

(No, there were no brain cells involved in the creation of this lj post. All of those have gone melty with I-don't-wanna-write-this-paper-itis.)

ETA: What I find interesting is, Faith understands Angel better than Buffy ever could. Which, to me, is sort of fascinating.

Also, how freakin' vanilla must have his sex life with Buffy seemed compared to all the stuff he and Darla (and Spike and Drusilla and any combination thereof) got up to?
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Just rewatched "I Will Remember You". You know, the episode from S1 where Angel becomes human for a day and he and Buffy have their perfect day and, predictably, he has to let it all go?

I forgot, though, that he's brought back in time to the "So, let's just keep away from each other and forget" convo just as Buffy's sobbing in his arms and he's begging her not to point out how little time they have and about to cry too.

Um... wow, that guy never gets a break does he?

And this, ladies and gents, is why Buffy/Angel remains one of my OTP's.

Oh, and David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar act a lot better after they've been playing Angel and Buffy for a few years. Seriously, the acting in that scene I just decribed was phenomenal. These two shows often feel a bit too scripted for me, but that scene just felt real.

Whereas in S1 and S2... Not that great at times. Granted, that could be the scripting, though.

And Angel could actually fight in his own show, whereas in Buffy S1 he almost got beat up by frat boys.

Yay! :D

(...And does this mean that Riley is more badass than Angel since he was able to kick demon butt as a human? o.O)
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Angel to Buffy in season 2: Why are you ridin' me?

I don't care what the slang was ten years ago, in no world is that line not awkward and terrible and absolutely amazing. XD


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