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Any of you think you can explain Bristol University's system to me?

Like, what are teaching blocks? Are blocks 1-12 fall semester while 13-24 are spring, or are both fall (Fall semester=September-January)? How many credits does one typically take at an English university? How does a 6-week course relate to semester-long courses? What on earth are all these "levels"?

Any help for the poor confused American would be very very appreciated!

(Also, Bristol or Royal Halloway for a semester abraod... Any opinions?)
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Totally got into APTT this time around!!! XD *Bouncebouncebouncebounce*

Now to study.... wheeeeeee.... @_@

But still, life be goot.

Ta mates!

P.S. I am still taking fic requests for the holidays! (Really, request, I love requests!)
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Okay, well, things are going pretty well now. Sorry I haven't posted--Orientation has been crazy busy, and I've been trying to meet/spend time with people. One actually makes friends really quickly during Orientation... which is very cool. And everyone is very nice, which, also, is very cool.

Tomorrow is my first day of classes: wish me luck! I've got me Intro to Cognitive Psych and Intro to Abnormal Psych, so I'm excited, even if I do have class at 9 AM. I'll put up my schedule later... too tired right now.

So.... night, mates!
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Okay, my first college post. Y'all ready for this? I'm posting form my dorm room at JHU. Aaaaaaaand, guess what!

They lost half my stuff. -_-;;; I.e.--the television, printer, printer paper, hamper (which I don't really need since apparently I have one), random snack food, comb, hangers (which I DESPERATELY need), and something else I'm prolly forgetting about.

Now, you know, this really wouldn't be as big a deal if they hadn't lost the freaking tv and printer. The RA's assure me they'll be found and/or reimbursed, though, so I'm gonna hold out some hope for at least 24 hours. Then I want my money back. Or, more accurately, for my dad to get his money back.

See, when you get here, you drop off your stuff, they stick it in a bin, and they bring it to your room. Hence it should be labeled. I labeled one of the things in the bin and they said this was fine. My dad and I park the car. My dad and I return and no stuff. 3 hours later, and no stuff. 3.5 hours later and no stuff. Now, tell me, how the hell is this fair?

So now... we get to wait.

While my dresses and leather jacket lay on the floor somewhere cuz I have no hangers, and since my father is leaving tomorrow, I can't get stuff easily after that, even though there's the most badass Wal-Mart ever 15 min away.

And I lost twenty dollars. Seriously.

Say it with me: yee. fucking. haw.

I'm gonna go and see if I can find someplace to get food. I'll bring "The Vampire Lestat", since I forgot the book I'm reading at home. Maybe I'll cheer up.


Ta mates.

EDIT: Okay, stuff has been found. w007. Now if only the printer came with a USB cable. :P
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Johns Hopkins was pretty damn awesome. I really really liked it. ^.^

.....M's gonna kill me when she finds out I'm prolly going to college in Maryland. @_@
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1. I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!! ^_____________________________^ I haven't heard back from the others yet, but Brandeis (tied for my first choice) accepted me. I be ecstatically happy.

2. Going back to the hometown and seeing my buds was awesome. I don't think I've laughed that hard for that long in ages. I also think I killed Nicole's foot by stepping on it (accidentally) so many times. Sorry, Nikki! Congratulations on getting into college too!!! :P

3. Come on.... I got into freaking COLLEGE. I'm a happy Yelena.

And now this Yelena is going to either poke Mariya some more or continue surfing the net. :P

Ta mates.


Dec. 10th, 2006 03:47 pm
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I love Pirates 2.... oh so very much. I watched it for the first time in FOREVER last night.... I so need to rewatch the first movie. Stupid homework, why must you exist?

Well, I'm proud of myself. I made it through almost the whole movie without thinking about dear old Leah but naturally once I realized, "Hey, I haven't thought about Leah!", guess what happened? So, I've made a slight plot point alteration to the fanfic that will only ever exist in bits and snippets on the computer and in my head:

Leah gets stuck on the Flying Dutchman with Will. It's sorta sad since now I don't get to imagine how Jack flirts literally behind Leah's back and the conversations Leah and Norrington could have... but it works. Just getting her onto the island with Will is a problem, but hey, since all the characters seem to be invincible in the movie anyway... *pokes fun at the movie. Poke poke :P*

The Dialogue Because I was too lazy to write anything else )

Yeah, yeah, yeah, kinda sappy but it makes me happy, especially in the context of the fic in my head. :P

In other news.... I'm sick. And writing a lit. of the absurd sort of fanfic for Hamlet (for the course.... I love designing my own projects). Plus, break is REALLY soon, as in I leave for Florida this upcoming Thursday. YIPPEE!!!!! Although my parents are forcing me to go on some cruise, which would be fantastic.... if I didn't have to write college app.s and you know, get into college... *Sigh* Ah well, maybe I will get into college.... somehow. And maybe my essay ISN'T as pretentious as it sounds. @_@ I somehow doubt it, though.

Ah well, I'm off.

Ta mates.


Sep. 19th, 2006 08:48 pm
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So... here I am.... bored. I can't do my Latin because it's in the dorm and I can't go to the dorm cuz I'm babysitting. Least the two kids are asleep, but the little one--1.5 years old--has woken up twice crying. Poor girl has a cold and wants her mom.

Bah, Yelena is tired and needs sleep. She needs to be doing her homework. Grrrr. Ah well. Maybe do college things instead?

Having Sarah over here this past weekend was awesome. ^.^ And this weekend, King Richard's Faire. W007.

And I be off.

Ta mates.


Aug. 12th, 2006 07:18 pm
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The drive from hell starts tomorrow. @_@ Here's hoping I find a good college.... And get a chance to have questions answered.

And do everything else I have to do. @_@

Least Gray sent me an amazing CD. Hope it works in the car CD player.

Wish me luck, mates.
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At Hampshire College, all students do this big project their final year, and on the site there's a generator for project titles (just for fun).

When you put in Psychology and Creative Writing for academic interests in this project, you get:
"The Globalization of Developmental Educational Psychology in Discourse About Graphic Novels"

That's amazing! XD

P.S. my music is the Bleach intro song I obsess over

Gap Year

Apr. 30th, 2006 10:52 pm
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I so need a gap year between senior year and the year I start college.... Now all that's left is to convince me 'rents. @_@ Wish me luck.

And yes, I do have a plan. I want to either stay with relatives in Russia or take a program there. I want to relearn the language and be able to use aspects of Russia in my writing.

Yeah... so I'm off.

Ta mates.


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