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Jul. 9th, 2009 07:37 pm
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ETA: Well now that I've calmed down a bit:

Still spoilers, though more thematic ones )
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Am I the only one with strong dislike for "DNA Mad Scientist"? I just watched it, and yes, I can buy Rygel being a selfish git and D'Argo thinking of Pilot as a slave (though partially to justify his own actions to himself), but Zhaan cutting off Pilot's arm against his will? This is Zhaan, who hates herself for the murder she committed, yearns to heal anyone's pain at anytime, and probably prays for starving puppies halfway across the universe. Map home or not, that is one of the most OOC things I've seen on this show.

Then there's the not-quite-right acting from everyone but Ben Browder (Crichton), Claudia Black (Aeryn), and Pilot and Rygel (yay voice actors, but these are puppets, I might add) as well as the stilted dialogue, both of which can be attributed to the show just starting out, yes, but still. They make the episode sit not-quite-right.

And then we have the way the Rygel/D'Argo/Zhaan story plays out completely parallel to Crichton and Aeryn's, and never the twain shall meet, and that just feels sloppy and far too convenient to me. It's like the writer got this idea and decided to make Rygel, D'Argo, and Zhaan fit into it, while Crichton and Aeryn's story flowed out of the situation.

Bleh, I'm beginning to remember why I have such issues with the first half of S1, though possibly the fact that I purposefully watched the episode I remembered having issues with didn't help.

Although it is nice to finally see more Sweet Naive Crichton (though he is compassionate later, just less openly so) and less Aeryn/Crichton EPIC LOVE OF EPIC ANGST AND LOVE OF EPIC, as well as more of the rest of the crew.

And on a completely unrelated note:


Spread the love, guys! It's an awesome idea, and you get to gush about how awesome all your lj friends are! How kickass is that? I am on page 15 somewhere I believe, and if I had time and actually reliable internet, I would so put you all up there for being so amazing!

And kudos to [livejournal.com profile] biggrstaffbunch for linking to all the fun love memes.
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...which is another way of saying, analyzing Farscape is so so so much fun. I still have issues with the fact that half of Aeryn's arc is making her someone who can love Crichton back, but after watching obsessively for the past few days (yes, while in Russia... I'm sad, I know, but I need something to do at night!), my love and analytical powerz are in full swing.

Oh, and "The Choice" has to be one of the best pieces of television ever. Ever. Ever. Don't believe me? Go to sidereel.com and watch. It's mind-blowingly good. And it makes me love and understand Aeryn's character so much more. How the hell Claudia Black hasn't won about 20,000 Emmies by now, I don't even know.

Although it's going to take a lot more rewatching of season 3 for me to figure out how the hell Moya-Crichton thought the child could be his or why he didn't find it odd that Aeryn wasn't showing at the start of season 4.

Also, I really want to put up a review of Green-Eyed Monster at some point, mainly because I love it but still want to rant about the flaws that boil down to our beloved Ben Browder's writing ethic of, "I am going to write an awesome story for these characters" instead of, "I am going to write an awesome story for these characters". When the literature and subtlety get in the way of character/situation believability, I get annoyed. Which sucks, because my love remains immense.

...And I really really need to sleep now.

Ta mates!

P.S. Farscape/Doctor Who fic, you will be written dammit, you will. Just need to get me Crichton's voice/motivations figured out a bit more, because his moments of empathy clash with his moments of lack of empathy and it's hard to figure out what's due to the situation and what's sloppy writing and what's character progression and, damn, that stuff really tends to throw a girl.
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Okay, the "Look at the Princess" trilogy from Farscape's second season is a wonderful trilogy. It really is. Crichton is stuck between a rock and a hard place, there's some awesome D'Argo/Crichton interaction, and Crichton is put through a wonderful blender of emotions. Ben Browder is top notch here.

There is just one thing, though, that drives me nuts:

Aeryn has been replaced by a freaking POD PERSON.

And I quote:

AERYN: So- you're going to listen to D'Argo over me, are you? Is that it?

JOHN: The Empress has made it clear: I marry her daughter, or she hands me to Scorpius.

AERYN: 80 cycles as a statue?

JOHN: It's better than Scorpius!

AERYN: Is it?


This is not Aeryn. Even madly insane Aeryn would not suddenly decide that having his brain disected by the guy who tortured him is better than marrying some girl and not being with her. Yes, it would be tragic, but it would be better than Scorpius.

Aeryn would know this. Apparently Podperson!Aeryn would not.

And this one thing (which is a huge facet of the plot) is amazingly close to making me despise this otherwise great trilogy.

Frelling hezmana. -_-;;
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Okay, just watched Crackers Don't Matter and saw that it was by Justin Monjo. I looked him up on imdb only to find that he really hasn't done much besides Farscape.

My question: WHY?!

Seriously, he wrote some of the best episodes:

The Flax
A Human Reaction
The Hidden Memory
Taking the Stone
Crackers Don't Matter
The Locket
Liars, Guns and Money: Plan B
The Choice

That's not all of them, but those are some of my overall favorites, and he wrote them!

Dear God this man needs more credit...
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All right, no idea when I'm gonna have time to write it, no idea what it's even going to be like, exactly, but I know what my next fic'll be: near the end of Farscape season 3, with Talyn-John dead and Talyn's crew aboard Moya (or maybe on the Command Carrier.... not sure, it depends on where a plot bunny hits), and somehow, Moya-John and Aeryn have to hook up. And no, this isn't as "OOOOOOOOHhhhh, I want 73h sexx!!!!!!111one" as it sounds, because the show pretty much tells you it happens (i.e. the baby that may or may not be Moya-John's), but for the love of the Doctor I don't see how. Aeryn's too busy treating Crichton like something anathema/something precious that, if she comes near it, it'll shatter, and he just wouldn't force it. And it's not like Aeryn's gonna go, get drunk, and go back to the same place she was at in "The Choice", and even if she did, Crichton would sooner be Scorpy's pet than take advantage of that.

So... what happened? There's gotta be a story there, a reason why John decides to just go with it and she decides to let her guard down, and it can't generate any bad karma because then their relationship would be even more tense and we'd at least get a D'Argo/Crichton convo over it. And it can't be this big healing because a) that would be lame, and b)the coin toss would never happen.


Guess what show I'm gonna be watching next weekend. XD
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I have just rewatched Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. David Kemper, the screenwriter and the executive producer, is my hero. Bloody amazing script, bloody amazing show, and bloody amazing finale.


Mar. 24th, 2006 10:34 pm
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X-Files and Farscape=the SUPERIOR sci-fi shows ^.^
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Farscape=acid for the Sci-fi geek XD


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