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A summary of every love triangle wherein one girl chooses between two guys two guys fight over a girl prize:

GIRL: Doo doo doo, life is lonely.

GUY 1: Hello girl. I am hot.

GIRL: Oh heavens I may be a little wet, I am in love!

GUY 1: I love you too bb.

*ENTER: Guy 2*

GUY 2: Hello girl. I am more hot.

GIRL: Oh heavens I may be a little wet, I am already in love! But but...

GUY 2: I love-

GUY 1: HEY. Mine!

GUY 2: Who says?

GUY 1: I say. I mean, um... she says! Let's let her choose.

GUY 2: But of course.

GIRL: Okay. Cool. 'Cause-

GUY 1: Why are you here anyway? What do you want?

GUY 2: I want her. And she wants me.

GIRL: Actually-

GUY 1: No. She wants me.

GUY 2: She wants me.

GIRL: ...I'm not really important to this conversation, am I?

GUY 1: Me.

GUY 2: Me.

GUY 1: I'll fight (you) for her.

GUY 2: Any time, dudebroass.

GIRL: ...

*GIRL goes to a cafe with a very long book*

GUY 1: You're on!

*GUY 1 and GUY 2 proceed to have various contests of bravery and manly manliness, getting all hot and dirty and making ~eyes~ at each other, until such time as one of them wins. Let's go with GUY 1.*

GUY 1: Ha! I beat you!

Guy 2: ...Dammit.

GUY 1: I get the girl! I get the girl!

*GIRL comes back from the cafe, where she was actually quite enjoying her book and latte, as a woman ending up single would be a tragedy of incalculable proportions.*

GIRL: Aren't I the protagonist here?

GUY 1: Ha! I got the girl!

GUY 2: So you did. *To GIRL* I will always love you, but I realize now your heart lies with him.

GIRL: ...Yeah. Guess so. I LOVE YOU GUY 1, I ALWAYS HAVE.


*GUY 2 leaves. GUY 1 gets his reward and GIRL life happily ever after.*
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So I am sitting here watching Shrek, and I've just had the second chai frappucino of two days, and I'm wearing incredibly comfortable PJ pants that my mother and grandmother hate because they have holes in them, and I just need 40 bucks so that I can afford a new PS2 as mine doesn't know how to do anything but give me "Disk Read Error," and life is pretty good.

Of course there are quite a few things I haven't done yet--figure out my schedule for the summer (research with two child psychiatrists, alongside volunteering for Project Health), research grants for the Feminist Alliance, research and contact potential speakers for the Feminist Alliance, contact other student groups about co-sponsoring things with the Feminist Alliance, write a film blog entry about the presentation of women in TV shows, do laundry, and (most importantly) write some damn fanfiction. Write some damn fiction in general. *Sigh*

Still, that's what vacation is for, right? I love sleepytimes and doing nothing but browsing ontd_p and watching Stargate Atlantis. I'm almost done with the show, though, which is unfortunate. Anyone have any further suggestions? Or is anyone interested in some fic with McKay, Keller, Daniel Jackson, Sheppard, and possibly others? Because assuming I can think of a plot, that would be fun.

Now... to watch more Shrek and munch on Reese's. Much love bbs!

Also, have the first draft of a post-modernist story in which I complain about gender and just how damn arbitrary the surrounding concepts are; it was really fun:

they carry pink dinosaurs and blue dollies )
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Just... could Neverwhere be anymore awesome? At all? On any level ever? 'Cos I think I'm more than a little in love with this book and almost-believability of its magic and its cleverness and wry humor and badassness and, damn, I want to be Richard but with less broken fingers (and shoulders and ribs...) and to get to know that world.

I think I like this one more than American Gods, probably because I've always favored the intimate getting-to-know process of a character and a world rather than a vague sort of Shadow and the heart of America and all that.

You think if I cross my fingers and turn widdershins three times, we'll get a sequel?
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So, after seeing [ profile] enigma731's Fic Roundup, I decided to do one of my own. Why not? It'll be fun, methinks.

So... let's see how much I've actually accomplished this year. I'm not going to count random drabbles or starts of things on my computer, becuase, well, there are too many of those to count.

To write or not to write, that is the question. )

Overall, about 116,150 words in 2007, and I still need to write two more holiday fics. Not bad, not bad...
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Although it's not quite the holiday season, Christmas and New Years and Hannukah and the like are a'comin'. So...

Since I'm the stereotypical broke college student, I have an idea.

From now till New Years (or beyond; whatever), I'll be taking requests for holiday pressie fics. These may or may not end up being related to the holidays; you can request for them to be though.

So, come one, come all, and request! If you want certain characters, certain circumstances, etc., you can ask for that too. I should have these fics done for y'all a little past New Year's, possibly earlier depending on the number of requests.

Relevant fandoms for said requests:
-Doctor Who
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Original (It'll be fun and interesting, I swear!)

If you want a fic for a verse I haven't listed (i.e. Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The X-Files, The Vampire Chronicles, etc.), feel free to ask for that too. I just listed what I've actually written/feel most comfortable writing, but I could try to write something else for you too.

So.... request, and happy Turkey Day a week early and happy holidays a month early!


(Oh, and if anyone knows how to make this post sticky, I would be very grateful.)


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