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Just a quick note: whenever dying your hair fun colors, make sure to have a) Bleach, and b) rubbing alcohol/nail polish remover on hand. a) does wonders for cleaning up the shower, b) does wonders for making you look more like a human and less like an Oompa Loompa (at least when the dye is pink and purple).

A 2nd quick note: the new "Punky" hair dye gives strong, vibrant color. Subtle it is not. Not for your hair, your skin, your bathtub...

I'm thinking I might stick with Manic Panic for the whole head effect (especially when I want colors slightly more toned down, or at least ones that don't stick everywhere) and use Punky for streaks and whatnot. Less hours spent scrubbing that way. @_@

And as a side note, I am in MA right now, and loving it. Now let's see if this hair dying job lasts the 1.5 weeks until school starts back up again...
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In which my hair, it is colorful, and the pictures will NOT take up your screen )

I've been compared to Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and the lead singer of Paramore but blond for those brief hours when I was all bleached, and now I've become cotton candy or a highlighter.

I am somehow very happy with this.


Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:18 am
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There were Oscars, and Heath Ledger won, and all was good.

Also, I have pink hair.

That is all.


Feb. 19th, 2009 03:33 pm
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This Sunday: cut and bleach the hell out of my hair. It costs a lot so hopefully the salon will get enough color out that I do not have to bleach a second time.

Sometime soon after: bright pink hair dye.

After hell week of hell, this makes me far too happy. ^_______^
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The only good pic I got:

73h Black Hair )

And me at boat dance about two weeks ago (from left to right: Alyssa, Emily, me):

I look 73h Goth )

And completely random fact: I now have a bruise on my back, rt. above my right shoulder blade, that looks incredibly like a hickey. I got it getting a massage from my friend Rob.... sad, innit?


May. 29th, 2006 11:56 am
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Reasons life rules:

1. Anime Con. I had a kickass time. Spent over $150 and have literally one dollar left but it was so worth it.
2. Mariya and Gray are officially osm and were really cool at the Con.
3. Mariya is coming down to Florida for a week once school is out.
4. School is out in 2 wks.
5. My hair is BLACK and KICKASS (I'm straightening it tomorrow and y'all can get pics then)
6. I have peanut M&Ms.
7. It's gorgeous outside.
8. Anime Con.
9. Black hair

Yes, my friend is still an ass. Yes, there is a SHITLOAD of work to do these next two weeks. Yes, I have way too much shtuff and dunno how I'll get it back to Florida.

But life still kicks at the moment. XD

Ta mates.

*GLOMP Ashley*
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As promised.... Here is me with me new short, red hair and a bodice!

Ta-da! )

I suggest y'all click on the piccies, esp. those of the bodice, as they look so much better bigger. Plus, the bodice pic was taken before my hair was done.
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XD Yup, it's dyed again. I'll be putting up pictures soon. It's brighter this time, more orange-looking. I luvve it. ^.^ My hair really does look better short, too.


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