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Now I haven't done this for a while, but as it's my last year of university, I have the time, and you're all awesome, why not?

From now till the New Year, I'm opening myself up to holiday fanfiction requests! If you'd like me to write you a fic, whether for a general fandom or specific circumstances, about the day Bolivia asked Rachel to move out or the twilight Harry and the Giant Squid had a romantic picnic, I'll do my best to write you something great. :)

Fandoms that I know well enough to fic in are:

Doctor Who (2005)
Swamp Thing (the awful awful awful tv show)
Syfy's Alice
Quantum Leap

Fandoms I could probably manage:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Stargate (all 3 of the shows, not so much the movie)
The X-Files
Harry Potter
Being Human

So... have at it! And have amazing Decembers. :)
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^And I mean that. I'm sitting here with one-day-old "medium auburn" hair, once again without an XBox 360 (sadness, I know), munching on my grandmother's delicous Napoleon, and all I can really think is, I hope you guys have a blast this new year.

Much like any other year, I know 2008 has been rocky for a lot of us, me included, and it's really hard to see that changing sometimes. But, hey, arbitrary date that's .25 days off or not, this can be the start of something better or just as good, and I hope it is for every one of you. Better to live in hope than pull a Doctor and walk around with a death wish, eh?

You guys are all awesome, and I hope you know that.

Now go check out Repo: The Genetic Opera and rock on, dudes!
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I hope you all have a great one, Christian or not. :)

"You WILL have a happy December 25th, skull, or I'll poke out those eye sockets!"

(Just pretend you're the skull. ;) )
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Although it's not quite the holiday season, Christmas and New Years and Hannukah and the like are a'comin'. So...

Since I'm the stereotypical broke college student, I have an idea.

From now till New Years (or beyond; whatever), I'll be taking requests for holiday pressie fics. These may or may not end up being related to the holidays; you can request for them to be though.

So, come one, come all, and request! If you want certain characters, certain circumstances, etc., you can ask for that too. I should have these fics done for y'all a little past New Year's, possibly earlier depending on the number of requests.

Relevant fandoms for said requests:
-Doctor Who
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Original (It'll be fun and interesting, I swear!)

If you want a fic for a verse I haven't listed (i.e. Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The X-Files, The Vampire Chronicles, etc.), feel free to ask for that too. I just listed what I've actually written/feel most comfortable writing, but I could try to write something else for you too.

So.... request, and happy Turkey Day a week early and happy holidays a month early!


(Oh, and if anyone knows how to make this post sticky, I would be very grateful.)
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Okay, so 1/3 holiday ficcies finished. Has nothing to do with Christmas/New Years/Hannukah/Quanza/the Winter Solstice/etc., but it's cracky and random and amusing. And may or may not have Lestat being a "Brat Brat Brat Brat Prince". I think Tintin shall enjoy. XD

And why I love being up at 3 AM:

Me: in which Michelle has died...
[ profile] enigma731: SORRY I LIKE IT [about a bit of my novel, though it's still amusing without the context]
[[ profile] enigma731: I AM RPING SEX

And possibly one of the best lines from DW ever:

Doctor: You can't even sink the Titanic!
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Jeremy totally got me an audio version of King Lear with David Tennant as Edgar. SQUEE! ^.^

Now to read King Lear... :P
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Totally got into APTT this time around!!! XD *Bouncebouncebouncebounce*

Now to study.... wheeeeeee.... @_@

But still, life be goot.

Ta mates!

P.S. I am still taking fic requests for the holidays! (Really, request, I love requests!)


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