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I am officially an alumna with a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, who graduated with general Honors.

Yay. :)

Done! :DDD

May. 12th, 2011 08:23 pm
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I am done with undergrad as of today. Last paper was turned in at 5 PM.

It was in Russian and even my mother tells me my grammar was awful (75% correct is not... good :/), but wtfever, hopefully the professor will take pity on me and I am done.

Now if only anyone else was done and could go celebrate with me. And if only I had a job lined up. x_x
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As mentioned earlier, I contacted my representative (a Republican) about HR3, otherwise known as the "Only some rape is real rape, and incest--really that bad?" bill.

Well, he got back to me. I find his response, um, infuriating to say the least.

Thank you for letting me know of your opposition to H.R. 3, the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act. You can be sure that I share your interest in this regard and appreciate knowing of your thoughts.

As you know, H.R. 3 would prohibit the expenditure of funds authorized or appropriated by federal law, or funds in any trust fund to which funds are authorized or appropriated by federal law, from being used for any health benefits coverage that includes coverage of abortion.

H.R. 3 has been referred to various committees, including the House Judiciary Committee, where it awaits further consideration. Because of your interest in this regard, and in an effort to be of all possible assistance to you, I have taken the liberty of sharing your opposition to this measure with my colleagues on the committees. As they continue to review the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act, please know that they will keep your thoughts in mind.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding this matter of mutual concern. It is my hope that you will continue to keep me apprised of your interest in legislative issues important to you.

Now, reading that, can you tell where he stands on the issue? 'Cos if you were to skim, reading only the first paragraph with any real depth, you might even think he agrees with my opposition! I mean, he shares my interest, right?

...And then we come to paragraph two, which completely misrepresents the scope and fundamental purpose of the bill and neglects to so much as mention the Hyde Amendment.

Suddenly, close reading becomes a lot more important than it has been since, say, English class last year. Suddenly I understand why he shares my "interest" and not my concern. Suddenly that last paragraph and really this entire e-mail seem strikingly disingenuous.

Congressbro, and I mean that as condescendingly as possible, I would respect you a lot more if you weren't trying to hide your stance on this Bill by pandering to both sides, hoping I won't pay attention on any final vote. Hoping I wouldn't notice you're one of the fucking cosponsors, you cowardly piece of hypocritical misogynistic trash.

So unbelievably disgusted right now I can't even
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My father likes to watch Glenn Beck. Oftentimes he'll sit at his computer, reading some Russian e-book or another, with Fox News on in the background. Naturally, I try to avoid, say, any part of the house that isn't my room when this is going on to control the rage.

I was in the kitchen grabbing a snack, and I heard maybe a minute of this man's show. A minute.

Have a direct quote:

“Who do you trust? Do you trust the experts anymore, or do you trust your gut?” (i.e. Truthiness or facts, pick a side!

Guess which option his tone implied was right. Really. Just guess.

And my father is standing there and watching this shit.)

I can't.

People listen to this. This is why so much of the US doesn't even believe in global warming/climate change. This is why so much of the US is convinced that, the more education you have, the less you know.

I just...

People listen to this, and they believe it. Including my father.

I give up on the world for tonight.

Oh, life.

Jan. 6th, 2011 07:24 pm
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Me: Hey mom, I need new bras.
Mom: I've had mine for 12 years, what do you need new bras for?
Me: ...

On another note, ep. 3 of season 3 of
was terrible. Fart jokes? A completely wasted Merlin-gets-arrested-for-magic plot line? Bleh.

Also, yeah, Gwaine's a bit of a Stu, though a fun Stu, so I'll run with it.
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(I am the one on the left.)

Overall, I actually really enjoyed the Rally. It started off a bit slow with just a band playing, but whenever Stephen and Jon interacted, it was highly entertaining. I especially loved how they INTERRUPTED FAMOUS SINGERS and also sang their own song about who's more American.


When Jon did his speech in the end, I admit, I had some issues. He was very much "balanced" and not particularly fair (e.g. the media montage... saying gay people are ruining America is FAR different than condemning racism in the Tea Party, and racism doesn't just come in the form of violence), and his and Stephen's privilege showed quite a few times.

That said, the message to calm down and stop listening to the media as they treat every problem as The End, to work together as we do on a daily basis, to recognize that we're all a community of Americans... was pretty damn good. You can tell Jon Stewart cares a lot about this country and believes in our ability to get it together, so I really have to give him an A for effort there.
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As of 10 AM this morning, I have embarked upon the final leg of an epic journey: my senior year of university. Under a year from now, even if I fail just about everything (unlikely), I will graduate with a Bachelor's of Psychology with a minor in Writing Seminars and all my pre-med requirements fulfilled.

The problem?

Exactly what I was afraid of.

My sense of excitement, connection, interest to what I was learning today?

Pretty much zip, with the exception of Russian Literature.

Then again, my two other courses were Biochemistry and Theories and Methods of Clinical Psychology, but you'd think at least that second one would be fascinating, right?

...Sort of?

While acknowledging that it could just be the professor's teaching method (because the professor himself seems pretty awesome), I think my interest in pursuing psychology has pretty much gone... kaput. Not that it isn't important, not that it isn't interesting, but it's just not what fascinates me anymore.

What I want is to learn about is the way systematic advantage and disadvantage affect group of people, and how that translates to the individual. How the individual reflects these societal pressures. And about more than just mental health and wellness/nonwellness. There's a lot more out there, and I just can't stick with such a narrow medical individual focus.

So. Sociology with a focus in Gender Studies. Non-profit feminist work. Teach For America as a stepping stone on my way to combating societal issues.

Hope I didn't waste my undergrad years as a Psychology major... :/
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So I am sitting here watching Shrek, and I've just had the second chai frappucino of two days, and I'm wearing incredibly comfortable PJ pants that my mother and grandmother hate because they have holes in them, and I just need 40 bucks so that I can afford a new PS2 as mine doesn't know how to do anything but give me "Disk Read Error," and life is pretty good.

Of course there are quite a few things I haven't done yet--figure out my schedule for the summer (research with two child psychiatrists, alongside volunteering for Project Health), research grants for the Feminist Alliance, research and contact potential speakers for the Feminist Alliance, contact other student groups about co-sponsoring things with the Feminist Alliance, write a film blog entry about the presentation of women in TV shows, do laundry, and (most importantly) write some damn fanfiction. Write some damn fiction in general. *Sigh*

Still, that's what vacation is for, right? I love sleepytimes and doing nothing but browsing ontd_p and watching Stargate Atlantis. I'm almost done with the show, though, which is unfortunate. Anyone have any further suggestions? Or is anyone interested in some fic with McKay, Keller, Daniel Jackson, Sheppard, and possibly others? Because assuming I can think of a plot, that would be fun.

Now... to watch more Shrek and munch on Reese's. Much love bbs!

Also, have the first draft of a post-modernist story in which I complain about gender and just how damn arbitrary the surrounding concepts are; it was really fun:

they carry pink dinosaurs and blue dollies )
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Right. So. This should be my "I am coming back from an effective hiatus, here is a bunch of interesting stuff that you've all missed, have an internet cookie!" post.

(By the way, here's an internet cookie:

Unfortunately, it's a bit creepy.)

Since that expectation seems reasonable, I think I'll go for it, though in really truncated form.

Highlights of the past year, include:

1. Going to England for fall semester, and loving it absolutely. Realizing that social relationships don't change no matter where you go, though the people involved might. That BBC iPlayer is awesome. That most places are not as self-congratulatory and isolated as the United States. That purchasable items in the US are cheap. That anyone over there could outdrink a frat boy. That Starbucks has taken over the world, but cafes in general have a greater foothold over there than they ever could here. That only the US knows US history, and that's really the way it should be. That accents will still make you smile, but can't last. That people aren't all that different between here and there. That I really need to go back and visit, and dye my hair an unnatural but natural enough red.

2. Coming back to the States for Spring, and finishing up junior year 2 days ago. I am now a senior in university. This is not anywhere near as exciting, and far more terrifying, than I expected.

3. Becoming a raging feminist, to the extent of starting a feminist group on my campus and seeing the world in terms of societal privileges and disadvantages. This is accompanied by an obsession with current events and a deep-seated love affair with [ profile] ontd_political. It feels like a more... "real" perspective, I guess, but it gets tiring sometimes.

It's also led to a drain in creativity to the extent of an inability to, well, write. Characters don't capture me the way they used to, and I can't even begin a story without thinking of the 'messages' the story would carry. I'm hoping I can get over this or channel it into something productive, hopefully in the form of fiction.

4. Realizing that I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore. Working for feminist non-profits or going to grad school for Sociology with a focus in Gender Studies (and then researching gender, either as a professor or as someone in a feminist organization) are the most preferable options, but becoming a psychiatrist just isn't appealing anymore. It's too limited in scope. That said, either one of the aforementioned options would lead to me living in a box, and not a particularly nice one.

5. Turning 21. Self-explanatory.

Otherwise, I'm now home for 2.5 weeks before heading back to school for some research over the summer. My cat's staying home for the summer, though, and coming to join me in the fall. (We just flew home today, so she's very unhappy and hiding under the bed, even though she lived here all first semester. It's very sad.)

And now, to continue watching some Stargate: Atlantis and analyzing it from an imperialist Western standpoint, as a feminist standpoint doesn't go much beyond "Oh look, it's Captain Kirk and the objectification of women all over again." Kinda obvious, kinda ridiculous, and kinda fun.

How is life treating you all?
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Hi everyone,

So I know I haven't posted in ages, but 4 days ago was my birthday and I am now 21! Yay! :D

For my birthday, I have a request. Namely, if you have anything to spare, pleasepleaseplease donate to Women for Women International or RAINN. The first helps women survivors of war and other conflicts, and the latter provides a hotline for survivors of sexual assault in the US. Both provide very important services, and even if you’ve only got a few spare dollars, I would love if you could give what you could. ♥

The Appropriate Links:

RAINN's website:
Donation page:
Women for Women International's website:
Donation page:

On another note, I really will try to make an effort to actually, well, post more now that summer's coming up. And hey, maybe I'll even get my writing groove back.

Hope all your lives are going well. :)
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I go to a fairly prestigious and relatively liberal university in the States. As such, I expect certain things from my university: diversity; attempts at tolerance, acceptance, and equality; a non-hostile environment. As a woman and as member of our sexual assault hotline, I certainly expect my university to respect women, and I expect it to do its best to prevent the objectification and disparaging of women. I expect it not to explicitly further misogyny and the rape culture.

I expect it to protect women. To protect me and those I care about.

What I do not expect is for a student group to invite Tucker Max, Mr. 'women are like toys and trash, there for my entertainment,' to speak. I do not expect my tuition to go towards paying this man thousands of dollars to tell jokes about all the women he's fucked and all the women he's threatened with violence.

Naturally, there was a petition. Faculty members wrote letters. The Deans and the President were contacted, the student organization responsible heard speeches and read these letters and the petition. They voted.

Guess who's still coming this Wednesday?

Now I'm in England, so I have managed to remain relatively disconnected from all of this. I've been able to ignore it.

Until today when I really looked at Mr. Max's writing, when I really listened to what's going on back at my university, what my friends are going through.

For all the good it will probably do (i.e. none), I have just sent this letter to just about every person I can think of to contact:

The Letter of Protest )

Will it do anything? Probably not.

But I am so hurt, angry, disappointed, and just all-around upset. I had to do something, and for what it's worth, I did this. It was probably all already said, but it had to be said again.

I hate the world sometimes, guys. Between this, my Gender Relations class, Maine, the Stupak Amendment, and that gang-rape where a group of at least 10 teens stood around and laughed and took pictures and watched, I just feel so stuck and helpless.

How do you change--or even live in--a world where most people refuse to believe anything is wrong, where women (and minorities, and those with less money, and so many others) are second-class citizens, where things only get worse the further you move away from your comfort zone, and where even your supposedly liberal university will claim that it's perfectly okay for a misogynist to come and laugh at the suffering of women?


Nov. 4th, 2009 11:34 am
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1. I wake up this morning and hear that Maine's voters are bigots who've voted to repeal the law legalizing same-sex marriage.

2. I go to my 9 AM class and learn more about pay gaps and horizontal and vertical segregation in the workforce, resulting in women getting screwed over across the board.

3. It's cold and rainy when I leave class.

4. I need to take all my pictures off photobucket, because it hates me.

Stop the world, I want to get off.
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Me: it penetrates with the threat of death or tragedy
Sara: Warning, this penis will result in death or horrifying injury.
Sara: It should not be consumed by pregnant women or woobie tea boys who look good in suits.

In other news, not every play Shakespeare wrote was Hamlet, and Renaissance males were sexist assholes, though oftentimes not as bad as one might think.

Also, my room is cold and everything is far too expensive over here in the UK, but I absolutely love it, and not only because of the accents.

Now to figure out how I'm going to travel Europe alone for a month during Christmas break... Any suggestions?
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I think that says it all, really.

(NOTE: I think I made these small enough, but if they mess up your friend's pages, just tell me and I'll resize or cut them. :) )
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And by Oz, I mean England; in a few hours (i.e. about 7), I am off to Newark and then to London.

Wish me luck, guys!

Also, any suggestions on what to do once in England? Anything in particular I should check out? Heck, anyone feel like hanging out at any point?
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First, The Players:

Now, The Action:

Cat: …
Cat: …
Dog: …
Cat: *Looks away, more interested in her own reflection or perhaps the VCR or really anything that’s not this hyperactive thing beside her*
Cat: *Head whirls around. Glare*
Cat: …
Dog: …
Cat: …
Dog: …?
Cat: *looks away*

AND REPEAT, with the occasional half-hearted swipe but mainly a general feeling of “PLAY WITH ME” vs. “I am so above this.”

Totally almost worth the insomnia that’s keeping me awake right now.

Hee 2

Aug. 31st, 2009 12:09 am
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My dog is now very enthusiastically digging a hole to China.

On my bed.


ETA: My mom walks in. Suzie's response: look up, then go back to sleep. Still content.

My dad walks in. Suzie's response: to growl.

I admit, I'm still cracking up.


Aug. 30th, 2009 08:34 pm
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I will post about this in more detail later, but a few days ago, my family adopted a new dog, Suzie (yes, like the undead serial killer), who is a Pomeranian. She's tinier than my cats. My laptop is longer than she is.

Currently, she is standing in place, barking and growling at her own reflection. She has been for about a minute now.

Just felt this was information worth sharing.
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Not in the good way, either. In the "The A/C isn't working and, oh yeah, you live in Florida and it's a bright sunny day outside!" way. And while it's sort of adorable seeing my cats splayed on the tile floor to cool off, it doesn't quite make up for the evil of the Heat.

In other news, [ profile] lunaserenade is here. This is awesome, though, in her words, "We can't breeeaaathe." Which is a slight exaggeration, but still.

Her explanation: "If you hadn't killed Jesus, we'd have A/C." I guess me being Jewish destroys technology. Damn.
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But I'm going through the 1st draft of the novel again, finally finishing my outline so I remember what the hell I wrote, and I'm realizing... I can cut out half of this.

While it's fascinating to me why exactly my characters are doing what they're doing, I don't really need it all. The reader can extrapolate what s/he wants, and very accurately as long as I provide the right details.

...This'll make the rewrite easier if I can let go of the characters a bit, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the writing style or how a 2nd draft will compare to the first.

But, damn, if I actually finish something original this summer, I will be so pleased. And if I figure out what to do with my finished short stories, I will also be so pleased.

Anyone wanna whip me into working? (Or just bribe me with pancakes? Because after yesterday's Saving Grace, I have such a craving.)


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