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Title: Story Time and Things That Go Boom
Author: [ profile] salienne
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Donna, Martha, Rose
Summary: Completely AU crack. The adventures of three girls and a TARDIS.
Spoilers: Journey's End, if you squint
Disclaimer: Not mine, but if it were, oh the fun I could have.
A/N: Since seeing Journey’s End (and even before), I’ve thought that Donna, Rose, Martha, and the TARDIS would be the best universe-saving group ever, and with them, who needs the Doctor anyway?

Special thanks to [ profile] xsectumsemprax for word ideas and [ profile] hippiebanana132 for some Brit-speak. Any errors, though, are mine, and feel free to point them out!

Dedicated to [ profile] biggrstaffbunch who kicks the writing world’s communal butt, and is just overall awesome. I hope you like it, hon’!

(In which there is a bomb and strawberry daiquiris, and we find out what the Doctor and Donna really have on their backs)
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This is a quick one, but I'm just wondering how on earth people can think RTD hates Martha. o.O I mean, yes, she gets the short end of the stick and gets beaten with it quite a lot (which is so very unfair to her, I agree, though in comparison to the Doctor she's skipping through tulips and rainbows), but S3 was pretty much entirely about how awesome she was. There's someone every other episode outright praising her if not falling in love with her. Shakespeare even writes her a sonnet, for goodness sake. And then she saves the world.

Add in the Torchwood and...

I just really don't get it. And I say this as someone who adores Martha.

Also, RTD is allowed to have favorite characters. He's a writer, and he's going to enjoy writing some characters more than others, just as we viewers and fanficcers have our favorite characters that we enjoy watching/writing more than others. As long as he doesn't short-change any characters because of it, it's fine, and honestly, I think the only character who's really gotten short-changed in Doctor Who has been Jack. Since he has his own series, though, I don't worry too much about it.
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So having just rewatched Smith and Jones and Martha's exit in Last of the Time Lords, all I can say is, Martha kicks so so much ass and I really wish she'd gotten more to do in S4.

Also, I still say she and the Doctor should go to a pub and discuss how screwed over they've both been. Except of course hearing her pain would make the Doctor drown in even more guilt and self-loathing and angst, but once you get past that, they'd work just as well as the Doctor and Crichton.

And finally, writing Martha, Donna, and Rose giggling over alien Chia pets (sort of) when I should be studying for the test I have on Monday is highly entertaining.

ETA: Oooh, I forgot to say, yet again, how the Doctor has the biggest Death Wish EVER during SaJ (and S3 as a whole, really). I mean, the only way to foil this evil plot is to get the plasmavore to suck you dry of blood? The only way your vast Time Lord consciousness can think of to stop the Evil Plan is to... die before the Evil Plan is even complete? Ok then.

First off, Turn Left Spoiler ) Also, he mentions another way in that scene itself: have the Judoon increase their scanning level. I can think of so many plans that, though a bit more complicated than the Doctor's, would have worked out a bit better; sadly, all of them would've left him alive at the end. *Shakes head*

Also, yay one of the only examples of emotional consistency in New Who! The Doctor's being such a cold prat throughout the whole episode that I think Rose would've glared while showing him how he should be treating rightfully terrified people, and Donna would've given him a hell of a verbal smack.

Though, I do wonder, JE Spoilers )
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-written for [ profile] telling_a_story-

Title: The Day She Couldn’t Forget
Author: Salienne
Characters: Martha; OC; mentions of Jack, the Doctor, and the Master
Rating: Strong PG-13/weak R (for language and some gore)
Date Chosen: April 27

Summary: Most days during the year that never was, Martha is able to keep going: she doesn’t think about the way life used to be or the horrors she has witnessed. But some days, focusing on abstract facts doesn’t work. Some days, she just has to stop.

A/N: Well since I chose April 27th for the date of my fic, I suppose I should tell you all WHY I chose it: it’s Rose’s birthday and my birthday, so I thought, why not? No, this date does not actually have much significance in the fic, and I suppose I should scold myself for that, but I just wanted to write the tale of a typical day in the life of Martha Jones during the year that never was. I also realize a good deal of this story takes place on April 24th, but it was just the way inspiration came to me… I hope you all like it anyway! Comments are love! :D

-Special thanks to [ profile] ani8 for betaing!-

Today was the day Martha Jones forgot all of the bones in the human hand. )
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Sorry, m'dears. With the appearance of [ profile] telling_a_story I've decided to take this down until their posting date. So... look for it in early September, if you're interested! :D

And still, my thanks to [ profile] butterfllykiss apply. Yay betas! :D
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Ok, so after watching "Gridlock", I've been trying to explain Martha's instant faith in the Doctor to myself. And I think I have, more or less. (Just keep in mind, this is basically me working through my thoughts, so it's a bit stream of consciousness.)

Okay, so here's my reasoning: Martha has seen the Doctor do some amazing things, all in the past 2 or so days, and she's seen some amazing, even overwhelming, things. For days, from "Smith and Jones" to her family disaster to the two adventures with the Doctor, she's been running on adrenaline. And she just realized that, at the moment, she's in lots and lots of trouble, with only the Doctor for help.

Of course she says she has the Doctor, and of course she means it: she's caught up in the moment, she's been relying on the Doctor (the hospital, Shakespeare), she's infatuated... and to a certain extent, she's deluding herself. She's running with it. I'm sure if he left her somewhere calm at that moment, whether in the car or in her own time, doubt would creep in very quickly. But, with so many things happening all at the same time, she doesn't have time for worry or doubt. She only has time for faith.

Because at the moment, she's literally in mortal danger and she's clinging to her only hope in a strange, alien world (this IS her first other planet). She's probably been repeating to herself over and over that the Doctor will save her, the last thing she remembers before being put to sleep is him demanding her return, and now that's all she has. She's talked herself into believing.

Finally, Martha has to be the most optimistic character I've ever seen in Doctor Who, even more so than Rose. She knows her family's party will turn into a disaster but she tries to make it work. With that dysfunctional family, with her as the obvious glue, she has to believe thing will work out, else she'd go nuts. Further proof: Spoiler for The Last of the Time Lords )

So because of her optimism, because of how many people she's seen the Doctor save and what she's seen him do, because of how beyond belief and, to quote a certain cat, "magnificent" he is, and because of her crush (which I believe turns to love the more time she spends with him, though isn't love quite yet), she honestly believes he'll save her. She has to. It's all she has, and it's who she is.

And I am now okay with her utter faith in the Doctor in "Gridlock" and further on. Yay! :D


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