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I am officially an alumna with a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, who graduated with general Honors.

Yay. :)

Done! :DDD

May. 12th, 2011 08:23 pm
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I am done with undergrad as of today. Last paper was turned in at 5 PM.

It was in Russian and even my mother tells me my grammar was awful (75% correct is not... good :/), but wtfever, hopefully the professor will take pity on me and I am done.

Now if only anyone else was done and could go celebrate with me. And if only I had a job lined up. x_x


Feb. 7th, 2011 08:24 pm
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Dear Professor,

Next time we're about to watch a movie with a graphic attempted rape scene, how about a little fucking warning? 'Cos me, I'm just disgusted and offended. Someone else? Might be really triggered.

No love,

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So today in Feminist and Queer Theory, we covered transsexuality.

And the readings for today, theorizing about transsexuality?

Not a single one was written by someone trans.

Instead, we had three cis feminists write a) something horribly offensive (so offensive that the girl writing up a presentation noticed and chose to rebut it, even though we really don't do that in write-ups), b) something absolutely useless, and c) something I didn't get a chance to read, but from the in-class presentation on it, was both a) and c).

Seriously, the conversation is going to be pretty faily anyway because we're a bunch of cis women talking about trans issues with a cis man guest prof, but to not have a single reading written by a trans theorist?


ETA: Come to think of it, I don't think we read the writings of a single intersex person when we covered intersexuality.


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As of 10 AM this morning, I have embarked upon the final leg of an epic journey: my senior year of university. Under a year from now, even if I fail just about everything (unlikely), I will graduate with a Bachelor's of Psychology with a minor in Writing Seminars and all my pre-med requirements fulfilled.

The problem?

Exactly what I was afraid of.

My sense of excitement, connection, interest to what I was learning today?

Pretty much zip, with the exception of Russian Literature.

Then again, my two other courses were Biochemistry and Theories and Methods of Clinical Psychology, but you'd think at least that second one would be fascinating, right?

...Sort of?

While acknowledging that it could just be the professor's teaching method (because the professor himself seems pretty awesome), I think my interest in pursuing psychology has pretty much gone... kaput. Not that it isn't important, not that it isn't interesting, but it's just not what fascinates me anymore.

What I want is to learn about is the way systematic advantage and disadvantage affect group of people, and how that translates to the individual. How the individual reflects these societal pressures. And about more than just mental health and wellness/nonwellness. There's a lot more out there, and I just can't stick with such a narrow medical individual focus.

So. Sociology with a focus in Gender Studies. Non-profit feminist work. Teach For America as a stepping stone on my way to combating societal issues.

Hope I didn't waste my undergrad years as a Psychology major... :/
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Right. So. This should be my "I am coming back from an effective hiatus, here is a bunch of interesting stuff that you've all missed, have an internet cookie!" post.

(By the way, here's an internet cookie:

Unfortunately, it's a bit creepy.)

Since that expectation seems reasonable, I think I'll go for it, though in really truncated form.

Highlights of the past year, include:

1. Going to England for fall semester, and loving it absolutely. Realizing that social relationships don't change no matter where you go, though the people involved might. That BBC iPlayer is awesome. That most places are not as self-congratulatory and isolated as the United States. That purchasable items in the US are cheap. That anyone over there could outdrink a frat boy. That Starbucks has taken over the world, but cafes in general have a greater foothold over there than they ever could here. That only the US knows US history, and that's really the way it should be. That accents will still make you smile, but can't last. That people aren't all that different between here and there. That I really need to go back and visit, and dye my hair an unnatural but natural enough red.

2. Coming back to the States for Spring, and finishing up junior year 2 days ago. I am now a senior in university. This is not anywhere near as exciting, and far more terrifying, than I expected.

3. Becoming a raging feminist, to the extent of starting a feminist group on my campus and seeing the world in terms of societal privileges and disadvantages. This is accompanied by an obsession with current events and a deep-seated love affair with [ profile] ontd_political. It feels like a more... "real" perspective, I guess, but it gets tiring sometimes.

It's also led to a drain in creativity to the extent of an inability to, well, write. Characters don't capture me the way they used to, and I can't even begin a story without thinking of the 'messages' the story would carry. I'm hoping I can get over this or channel it into something productive, hopefully in the form of fiction.

4. Realizing that I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore. Working for feminist non-profits or going to grad school for Sociology with a focus in Gender Studies (and then researching gender, either as a professor or as someone in a feminist organization) are the most preferable options, but becoming a psychiatrist just isn't appealing anymore. It's too limited in scope. That said, either one of the aforementioned options would lead to me living in a box, and not a particularly nice one.

5. Turning 21. Self-explanatory.

Otherwise, I'm now home for 2.5 weeks before heading back to school for some research over the summer. My cat's staying home for the summer, though, and coming to join me in the fall. (We just flew home today, so she's very unhappy and hiding under the bed, even though she lived here all first semester. It's very sad.)

And now, to continue watching some Stargate: Atlantis and analyzing it from an imperialist Western standpoint, as a feminist standpoint doesn't go much beyond "Oh look, it's Captain Kirk and the objectification of women all over again." Kinda obvious, kinda ridiculous, and kinda fun.

How is life treating you all?
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Me: it penetrates with the threat of death or tragedy
Sara: Warning, this penis will result in death or horrifying injury.
Sara: It should not be consumed by pregnant women or woobie tea boys who look good in suits.

In other news, not every play Shakespeare wrote was Hamlet, and Renaissance males were sexist assholes, though oftentimes not as bad as one might think.

Also, my room is cold and everything is far too expensive over here in the UK, but I absolutely love it, and not only because of the accents.

Now to figure out how I'm going to travel Europe alone for a month during Christmas break... Any suggestions?
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And by Oz, I mean England; in a few hours (i.e. about 7), I am off to Newark and then to London.

Wish me luck, guys!

Also, any suggestions on what to do once in England? Anything in particular I should check out? Heck, anyone feel like hanging out at any point?
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My Life Tonight )

^Picture that may or may not be huge.

A horror scene for screenwriting. Answers to questions on Brokeback Mountain. 8 chapters of Bio (that's 35 single-spaced Word pages that I've typed out as review) that I've barely looked at for the midterm tomorrow.




Jan. 27th, 2009 04:26 pm
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What say you Writing Seminars department about no courses open? What say you film department about me getting into a screenwriting class because I e-mailed the professor? What say you about me taking a screenwriting class?

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Any of you think you can explain Bristol University's system to me?

Like, what are teaching blocks? Are blocks 1-12 fall semester while 13-24 are spring, or are both fall (Fall semester=September-January)? How many credits does one typically take at an English university? How does a 6-week course relate to semester-long courses? What on earth are all these "levels"?

Any help for the poor confused American would be very very appreciated!

(Also, Bristol or Royal Halloway for a semester abraod... Any opinions?)
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When the academic adviser looks at your schedule for the past year, looks at your request for a credit overload, and then asks you whether you have a life.... perhaps it's a sign you should drop something?

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Anonymous online forum: how would I go about making one? What sites are best (preferably free but not-so-free is fine too), how much actual code-stuff would one need to know, would it be better to have my own server, etc.?

I ask because a club of mine at school is considering making a mental health-oriented forum, and I've been charged with finding out how.


Aug. 1st, 2008 11:45 am
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So in case you guys don't get it, I have now finished with Organic Chemistry. Bloody finally.

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I miss Martha (especially Martha, who I'm terrified might not be in Torchwood). And the Mister Master. And Rose. And I want to give the Doctor hugs.

And I need to rewatch SoD/LotT, not only for fic but because I just want to watch Martha and the Master be badass. Well, watch Martha be badass. The Master is more insane in awesome ways. And then there's that ending!

AND I WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING INSTEAD OF STUDYING ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. The best way to make a student hate a subject: final exams.

And have I mentioned how amazing and brilliant and emotion-provoking Murray Gold's music is? 'Cos, um, yeah, totally is.
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Okay, I have a bunch of fellow literary geeks on my FL, right? So tell me, please, what the hell does this mean?

...for Italo Calvino, Lightness is the flexible; the weightless; the mobile; the connective; vectors as distinct from structures. Italo Calvino explored Lightness in the first of his Six Memos For The Next Millennium. He saw Lightness as an important aspect of post-modern society and existence that should be celebrated; he, like Heraclitus, never viewed Lightness as negative, indeed he never ascribed any evaluative content to it.
(^from wikipedia)

Near as I can tell, the guy was obsessed with flying imagery in literature. That's nice. A)Isn't that a bit, idunno, obvious? And B)If there's more to his "lightness" theory, shouldn't he do more than give really bad examples and other examples of random things flying?

He also went into how melancholy and humor were light at some point. And specific details, and small things like atoms, though that only makes sense on a very surface level.

And then he went back to flying things.

And now I have to write a paragraph on two pieces of literature, one "heavy" and one "light." Gee, if only if only this made sense. -_-;;

Seriously though. If anyone happens to understand what the hell this guy is talking about (beyond, "Ooooh, look, it flies or is literally light in the non-heavy sense--yay 'lightness'!"), I would be delighted to hear it and would be very, very, very thankful. Because I don't like BS'ing English/writing assignemtns, and I'm stuck with this guy's essays for the next semester, and it would be really rather helpful.

EDIT: Ok, apparently my roommate gets it. Except she can't explain it, and I disagree with what she does try to explain from my reading of it. Maybe this guy's mind works on some weird level that I just can't grasp? Even the roommie admits he seems to be explaining something without really trying, though...

And from what I am starting to grasp, I still think it's utter bullshit. *Mutters about pretentious things in the writing community*

EDIT 2: Oh, I can BS with the best of them, yes I can... For anyone who's interested: Why 'His Dark Materials' is 'light' and 'Pride and Prejudice' is 'heavy' )
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Electronic staplers. Seriously. Electronic staplers. You stick in the paper, they staple.

Now, the idea sounds nifty on the surface right? Look at the wonders of technology and watch the motion detector thing figure out that there's something there! Then watch it stick a thing of metal into the paper, all on its own!

But, um, honestly... how freaking hard is it to press down on a bit of plastic? These things save you one arm motion. That's it. You still have to put the papers together, line them up, stick them in. You just don't have to push down on anything.

And jeez, these things must cost a ridiculous amount. Glad to know my tuition money is going to good use...

What's next, though, electronic page turners? You could potentially save yourself the bother of hundreds of arm motions then!

Silly inventions. *Shakes head*
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Sir Kelsea of Chelsea:

You would make a rubbish Who companion. Imagine it:

The Time Of Fire by Edward Kelsea

DOCTOR: They're made of living fire. They can kill with a touch.
SALIENNE: Hurrah! That's so economic isn't it? They can warm cold people up!
DOCTOR: They're planning to invade your planet.
SALIENNE: I'm sure humanity will rebuild the planet afterwards. Hurrah!
DOCTOR: You are too positive.

Now I should really go and do chem... and maybe eat.


Apr. 15th, 2007 12:33 pm
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Reading old livejournal entries is officially such a fun pasttime. It's amazing what changes in a year and what stays the same.... and the irony that can be found when one looks back in hindsight. *Amused* I think I should read them all from start to finish one day. Almost 4 years of my life in online journal form, with a nice mix of drama, humor, surveys, angst, life, bs, truth, comments, me talking to myself, me talking to other people, notes, songs, summaries, etc. It would take so long but it'd be so worth it...

And looking back at my old entries, I kinda wanna start doing the "this was how my day went" entries. Even if no one else reads them, those are the most fun in hindsight. So.... let's try one of those.

Didn't do much yesterday but write my Hamlet essay and be on im with Zach and Lee, Zach and Mariya, etc. I'm spending WAY too much time on im lately, esp. with Zach. I'm also catching up with other ppl via I love not caring about my work anymore.... like now. Did you know I have a math problem set and two tests on Tuesday? But do I care at the moment? Non. ^.^ Wheeeeeeeeee.....

What else, what else.... Oh yes. I woke up yesterday from coughing but was able to get back to sleep. Today... not so much on that second part. Gah. @_@ Not fair. Ah well, I'll try to take a nap later. And take cough syrup. If you put it in a container other than the squirty tube thing, it's not SOOOOO bad. I just rinse out my mouth afterwards (the nurse told me not to drink anything afterward).

OOOOH!!! I also started a drama piece about a drag queen whose sister died yesterday.... that should be interesting, since I need to finish it by Friday. I also need to work on my dream short story. I owe my Creative Writing teacher 3-4 hours of writing this weekend. And I need to write for like 5-6 hours to finish what I need to finish. Now if only I didn't procrastinate on fucking EVERYTHING. @_@

OOOOOOOH!!!! And Con is this week!!!!!! I still need to figure out the Rave thing.... but I AM GOING TO IT DAMMIT!

Okay, and now to play FISHY!!! Cuz I miss that game. And then to work.

Ta mates.
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I gave blood today. First time ever. It felt somewhat icky but really wasn't that bad; I just lay there bored for most of it. I had NO idea it would take so long. It was freezing in the room and, after a while, my fingers got all tingly and numb and my arm really started to ache, however. Afterwards, I was fine... at first. I asked if I could get up and walked over to the snack station. I sat down. And that was when the nausea struck. I felt SO incredibly sick, dizzy, woozy, etc. I just lay back in my seat until someone walked over and I was then half carried to one of the cot-things to lie down. Not fun. I was basically fine afterwards, though. The fact that I almost passed out is kind of cool... I suppose... in a really unpleasant way. When I told my mom I donated blood she kind of flipped... chose not to tell her about the ill effects.

Not much else of interest has happened lately, sadly enough. The Dance Concert and Culture Fest are this weekend, which is cool. I'm cooking Russian food for a Russia booth in the latter event, and I'm just really excited to see the latter. I also have SO much due in the next few days because it's almost Spring Break. But besides that.... yeah, not much.

And now, to stop procrastinating.

Ta mates.

P.S. HEEEE the Doctor looks so out of it in my mood icon...


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