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For anyone who is still torn on Glee and on Ryan Murphy, its showrunner, watch episode 3 of The Glee Project (...shuttup).

The theme of the week is Vulnerability. Potential TW for sexual assault ) As a result, she ends up in the bottom 3. After delivering a kick-ass last-chance performance wherein she is praised by all three of the judges, she gets kicked off the show instead of two white boys, one of whom was boring at best.

Not so incidentally, she's Latina. Not so incidentally, every single judge in this show is a man. The only women are the choreographer (periodically) and the person at the recording studio (forget her title).

I did not think I could hate this show and these showrunners any more than I already do.
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A summary of every love triangle wherein one girl chooses between two guys two guys fight over a girl prize:

GIRL: Doo doo doo, life is lonely.

GUY 1: Hello girl. I am hot.

GIRL: Oh heavens I may be a little wet, I am in love!

GUY 1: I love you too bb.

*ENTER: Guy 2*

GUY 2: Hello girl. I am more hot.

GIRL: Oh heavens I may be a little wet, I am already in love! But but...

GUY 2: I love-

GUY 1: HEY. Mine!

GUY 2: Who says?

GUY 1: I say. I mean, um... she says! Let's let her choose.

GUY 2: But of course.

GIRL: Okay. Cool. 'Cause-

GUY 1: Why are you here anyway? What do you want?

GUY 2: I want her. And she wants me.

GIRL: Actually-

GUY 1: No. She wants me.

GUY 2: She wants me.

GIRL: ...I'm not really important to this conversation, am I?

GUY 1: Me.

GUY 2: Me.

GUY 1: I'll fight (you) for her.

GUY 2: Any time, dudebroass.

GIRL: ...

*GIRL goes to a cafe with a very long book*

GUY 1: You're on!

*GUY 1 and GUY 2 proceed to have various contests of bravery and manly manliness, getting all hot and dirty and making ~eyes~ at each other, until such time as one of them wins. Let's go with GUY 1.*

GUY 1: Ha! I beat you!

Guy 2: ...Dammit.

GUY 1: I get the girl! I get the girl!

*GIRL comes back from the cafe, where she was actually quite enjoying her book and latte, as a woman ending up single would be a tragedy of incalculable proportions.*

GIRL: Aren't I the protagonist here?

GUY 1: Ha! I got the girl!

GUY 2: So you did. *To GIRL* I will always love you, but I realize now your heart lies with him.

GIRL: ...Yeah. Guess so. I LOVE YOU GUY 1, I ALWAYS HAVE.


*GUY 2 leaves. GUY 1 gets his reward and GIRL life happily ever after.*
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I go to a fairly prestigious and relatively liberal university in the States. As such, I expect certain things from my university: diversity; attempts at tolerance, acceptance, and equality; a non-hostile environment. As a woman and as member of our sexual assault hotline, I certainly expect my university to respect women, and I expect it to do its best to prevent the objectification and disparaging of women. I expect it not to explicitly further misogyny and the rape culture.

I expect it to protect women. To protect me and those I care about.

What I do not expect is for a student group to invite Tucker Max, Mr. 'women are like toys and trash, there for my entertainment,' to speak. I do not expect my tuition to go towards paying this man thousands of dollars to tell jokes about all the women he's fucked and all the women he's threatened with violence.

Naturally, there was a petition. Faculty members wrote letters. The Deans and the President were contacted, the student organization responsible heard speeches and read these letters and the petition. They voted.

Guess who's still coming this Wednesday?

Now I'm in England, so I have managed to remain relatively disconnected from all of this. I've been able to ignore it.

Until today when I really looked at Mr. Max's writing, when I really listened to what's going on back at my university, what my friends are going through.

For all the good it will probably do (i.e. none), I have just sent this letter to just about every person I can think of to contact:

The Letter of Protest )

Will it do anything? Probably not.

But I am so hurt, angry, disappointed, and just all-around upset. I had to do something, and for what it's worth, I did this. It was probably all already said, but it had to be said again.

I hate the world sometimes, guys. Between this, my Gender Relations class, Maine, the Stupak Amendment, and that gang-rape where a group of at least 10 teens stood around and laughed and took pictures and watched, I just feel so stuck and helpless.

How do you change--or even live in--a world where most people refuse to believe anything is wrong, where women (and minorities, and those with less money, and so many others) are second-class citizens, where things only get worse the further you move away from your comfort zone, and where even your supposedly liberal university will claim that it's perfectly okay for a misogynist to come and laugh at the suffering of women?


Nov. 4th, 2009 11:34 am
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1. I wake up this morning and hear that Maine's voters are bigots who've voted to repeal the law legalizing same-sex marriage.

2. I go to my 9 AM class and learn more about pay gaps and horizontal and vertical segregation in the workforce, resulting in women getting screwed over across the board.

3. It's cold and rainy when I leave class.

4. I need to take all my pictures off photobucket, because it hates me.

Stop the world, I want to get off.


Jul. 8th, 2008 08:11 pm
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A Moffat quote I stumbled on:

"There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands."

I will keep reminding myself that his Women Issues are most apparent in interviews, I will keep reminding myself that his Women Issues are most apparent in interviews...

He gave us Nancy, he gave us Reinette, he...


(And the fact that this is such a prevalent view in tv writing in general [Martha getting engaged because that's the ONLY way she can get over the Doctor, for instance] is just.... GAH.)


ETA: Oh, and way to reinforce gender roles for guys too, much? Guys are allowed to be needy, and women are allowed to be independent, and it depends largely on the individual, and just.... GAH.
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Okay, well, I know I haven't posted in ages (sorry for that), but I've been meaning to post about this for a while. So...

Basically, during Spring Break, I spent a good deal vegging out in front of the television watching "chick flicks" (a bad enough term in and of itself). And you know what I noticed? Well, let's demonstrate, shall we?

Save the Last Dance: Great film, great actors, great choreography, etc. Oh, and also the girl has a crying fest in the guy's arms and in the end can't do the dance without her boy's support. Meanwhile, the boy never freaks out, even when choosing between his best friend and his girlfriend or when faced with the idea that his best friend is about to get into the middle of a shoot-out. He is big strong man, he no need to express emotions.

The Wedding Planner: Strong, intelligent, independent woman. Brave, kind, talented man. Their relationship starts with him saving her. Then he saves her again on a horse. Then she has a crying fit in his arms after spotting her ex. Then she almost marries the "wrong guy" because she just should. Her life finally has happiness and joy and true meaning when she and her protector are together. As for him, he never panicks. He gets annoyed and angry, sure, but he's always about what others want, perfect guy. Always saves the girl, helps his fiancee realize what she really wants, and is there as the strong good male to be there when needed. He, however, doesn't need to rely on anyone when choosing between his fiancee and a woman he just met.

Titatnic: Didn't get to rewatch the beginning so can't speak to that, but did watch everything after the ship starts sinking. Yes, she does save him with the ax, which is badass. And then he knows what to do at every moment--he tells her where to run and how to get through things and when to get onto the railing and what to do when the ship gets submerged and so on and so forth (how the hell doesn't he KNOW all of this anyway?). He gets her on the freaking door, for goodness sake! And what does Rose do? She obeys. She's scared. When on the life-boat, she leaps back to the ship because she just can't be without her man (I love that scene, but when you take a step back...). She doesn't even offer to share the fucking door! She just.... lies there. She lets him stay in the water. She gets taken care of and looked after. Then she "never lets go." Meanwhile, Jack was perfect and awesome and never broke down and died for her. He is just that selfless and cool.

So.... yeah. Sexism anyone? Just a bit of "woman might be strong and successful but is nothing without her man to soften her up/bolster her strength" and "man must be strong and protector and have no weakness," dontcha think? And these are recent movies!

Honestly, if it were just one movie or even three, I wouldn't think this was that big of a deal, but if you think about it... Almost every romance out there has the basic structure of strong woman who is somehow damaged. Here comes boy. She cries in boy's arms and/or reveals her tragedy/flaw/drama/etc. Then things progress.

You'd think movies would have outgrown the damsel in distress and male hero archetypes, but apparently not. And really, that's more than a little disappointing and depressing.
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Okay, first think of movies in general. Now think of movies with at least two women. Now think of movies with at least two women who have a conversation, and this conversation cannot be about the male love interest.

There are just about... none (and by none I mean so few I can't think of a single example at the moment).

It works for tv shows too.

This disturbs me.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that this was pointed out in an online comic whose link I can't find at the moment. It's not an "original" thought of my own or anything. It's just something that creeps me out.


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