Aug. 25th, 2008 02:55 am
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So, food poisoning. Threw up 7 times, still very strongly nauseous, standing up or sitting down or lying down or just changing my position makes me feel like I'm going to puke (although I have nothing left in my stomach, which is always fun), and I feel like absolute shit. Tired and achey and nauseous but no fever.

A doctor in the family just said I need to take two medicines, one anti-nausea, one antibiotic. Not sure if I really want to take the latter 'cause in the USA, they don't typically prescribe that except in really severe cases.

Also, problem is, I doubt I can hold down a single thing right now, water or medicine or cracker. And I'm thirsty.

*Is frustrated and furious and miserable*

ETA: Okay, feeling a good deal better now. Took medicine and slept for a while. Am almost completely non-nauseous (can hold down tea and chicken broth), and I can move! I just happen to have a fever of around 38 C (around in 100.4 in F) and thus achey muscles. Yick.

...Sad that I'm so happy I only have a fever now. Here's hoping the nausea does not come back.


Jan. 31st, 2008 06:01 pm
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So it's 80 degrees in my room and I'm still cold. And tired. And my muscles are achey. My hands are literally half-freezing as I type this. And typing sorta hurts my fingers.

Now I don't have a thermometer with me, but I'm just gonna guess I've got me a fever, yes?


So much for writing the LAS fic and finishing up at least the climax (...hee) of my novel tonight.

Here Advil... *Goes off*

EDIT: Well on the bright side, at least LAS was extended. Now I've got the weekend. :D

...Still a shame about my novel though. And the fact that I feel like crap, but hey. @_@
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...Yelena is really really tired but can't sleep because of her stupid stupid cough and because the cough syrup tastes like what hell would taste like, if hell had a taste:

Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Echidna. Echidna had a thing for black leather and smal children... that is, she liked to dress the small children in Matrix coats and watch them kill each other. (See, completely innocent.) Echidna also happened to be about three inches tall and made of feathers, but somehow, she looked like a tiny person with wings and was able to persuade these children. Echidna could be very persuasive when she wanted to be.

One day, Echidna was fluttering down a back alleyway when she ran into another fairy who also happened to be named Echidna. Echidna 1 didn't like Echidna 2. Echidna 2 was indifferent. Echidna 1 attacked Echidna 2. Echidna 1 got her ass whupped.

Before I continue, I should tell you the story of Echidna 2. Echidna 2's real name is Coral Reaf (her parents were hippie fairies), but during her rebellious phase, she changed it to something more "badass," and the name stuck. Echidna 2 also took lessons in fairy karate, also known as fly-and-bash (this was also during her rebellious phase). In fact, Echidna 2 is only now starting to get out of her rebellious phase, so can you really blame her for beating Echidna 1 up?

And now, back to the story.

So Echidna 1 was lying on the cold, hard, wet asphalt--a place no fairy should be since they even sleep while in flight--and she cried out for vengeance. "Zeus!" she cried. "Oh great god of the Greeks, help me!"

Zeus, however, was busy (someone needs to morph into animals and make all those half-god babies, non?), but he was not indifferent to Echidna 1's plight. I will send my good friend Norbert, Zeus thought. So he snapped his fingers (hard to do when you were currently a bull otherwise occupied) and Norbert appeared in the alleyway.

Norbert was a turtle. He wore glasses and sneakers, had a nasally voice, and was often rather miserable (anyone catch the reference?). The moment he saw the fairies, his eyes bugged out, he screeched, and he tried to ran away. Sadly, he ran right into a kitty who scratched him, tripped, fell, and his his head against the wall. Norbert passed out, and with that, the matter was decided, because with that, both Echidna's began to laugh.

Echidna 2 helped Echidna 1 up, helping her get about 5 feet up in the air.

"I am very sorry I hurt you," Echidna 2 said.

"It is quite all right," Echidna 1 said.

"Let us be friends!" Echidna 2 said.

Echidna 1 smiled. "Okay!"

The two went to find child-sized long black leather coats and guns, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.
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Sinus infection and the early stages of bronchitis. 3rd year running for the bronchitis, 2nd (possibly 3rd) for the sinus infection.

I'm amused. Least the antibiotics are over before school starts. Hopefully I won't need 3 different kinds this year.


Dec. 26th, 2006 11:38 pm
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...And added to my cough is a wheezing noise almost every time I breathe in deeply. Hoorah. I'm still voting for bronchitis, but hey, I guess I'll find out on the morrow when my parents finally take me to the doctor.

I swear it's a yearly curse...


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