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But I'm going through the 1st draft of the novel again, finally finishing my outline so I remember what the hell I wrote, and I'm realizing... I can cut out half of this.

While it's fascinating to me why exactly my characters are doing what they're doing, I don't really need it all. The reader can extrapolate what s/he wants, and very accurately as long as I provide the right details.

...This'll make the rewrite easier if I can let go of the characters a bit, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the writing style or how a 2nd draft will compare to the first.

But, damn, if I actually finish something original this summer, I will be so pleased. And if I figure out what to do with my finished short stories, I will also be so pleased.

Anyone wanna whip me into working? (Or just bribe me with pancakes? Because after yesterday's Saving Grace, I have such a craving.)
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Title: And Deaths Redone (1/?)
Author: [ profile] salienne
Characters: Doctor (Ten), Jack. Eventually Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Alice, and really the whole Torchwood crew and then some
Spoiler Warning: Through Children of Earth
Rating: R
Summary: Here there be spoilers )
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and the associated writers, directors, actors, etc. I just like to borrow the toys now and again, but I give them back.
Beta: Sara, whose lj is so rarely used that I forget its name
A/N: Yes this is a fix-it, but hopefully a plausible one. I’ve really tried to balance the drama here, with a mix of gain and sacrifice, bunnies and firestorms, and I hope what I’ve done works. As always, I’d love feedback, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Also, I’m desperately seeking a Brit-picker for this story, so if any of you are interested, just drop me a comment. You would have my eternal gratitude.

(She is sitting behind the counter...)
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Title: A Moment in Between
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys
Rating: PG
Spoiler Warning: Children of Earth, Day 1 and Day 2
Summary: Just a short scene Spoilers ) after episode two.
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and the associated writers, directors, actors, etc. And those guys do a brilliant job.
Author's Notes: Well, this is my first ever Torchwood fic and my first ever Jack/Ianto fic. I think it might be a little too angsty for the moment in question, but hopefully I've still kept our dynamic duo IC. Tell me what you think! :)

Here be the fake cut!


Jul. 1st, 2009 06:13 am
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So finally (finally finally finally), after about 3 or 4 actual rewrites, I've gotten the final scene of a short story I've been working on for over a year done. Several scenes from earlier in the story need some tweaking, and I still plan to go back through the final scene just to proofread, but I've managed cut down what was 10 pages to 6, and I've made it better. All it took was days (*coughweeksmonths*) of writing a sentence while staring dumbly at NCIS in the background, and staying up until (*checks*) 6:16 AM today, but I've done it!

Even if it's still not done, and is the story that never ends. Not because it doesn't end but because I fail at writing quickly.

Now to sleep!
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My screenwriting assignment: 3-5 pages. Comedy. Character A wants something from Character B. Character B won't give it.

This is not a difficult assignment. Granted, comedy and short things are both not exactly my forte, but how hard can it be to write two polar-opposite people get into a more-or-less realistic-ish argument over 5 bucks or the cat's bowel movements?

I've now written two scenes that just don't work (one because it's crap, one because it's too far out there and doesn't actually ever descend into chaos and collision so much as a dawning horrible realization), and, I dunno, I guess I just find a fundamentally unstable but benign world boring? I like dead baby jokes or the way Casanova's son's role becomes inverted from comic relief to something absolutely terrible. I like the horror beneath the laughs, not Character A throwing a cell phone at an eagle who's stealing a puppy (yes, really) or the ripped off back of a dress at a party [NOTE: Neither one of these was mine, thank God; hoorah romantic comedies].

That, and I'm very unused to writing screenplays (as I've never done it before), and I've never been good with single scenes, so my whole "Start form this line" or "Start with this scene" or "How best to start up this plot" method of writing has gone splat.

Maybe if I actually map out a few ideas and see if they actually work before writing...?

Meh. @_@


Jan. 8th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Chapter 1 rewriting (and I have come to realize that, when you edit something you wrote two years ago, rewriting becomes, literally, re-writing) complete!

So, 10 pages done, about 200 left to go. Wheeee....


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:17 pm
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I used the phrase "Staring in shock" in my novel. I can't believe I did that, even when I wrote this scene about two years ago. That's just... well, it's not on par with my gigantic malevolent looming gopher, but it's bad.

Although I did just have a character say "Fair is fair," but as that's dialogue and he's a bit of a pretentious git, I think it works.

(And yes, this does mean I'm finally editing. It's just taking forever, and I keep playing with Stumble or getting up to pace for no apparent reason. Hoorah!)

ETA: L.A. Without a Map, in which we have David Tennant (as an undertaker) and Johnny Depp in the same movie.



Jan. 6th, 2009 04:53 am
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So, I should not be awake right now. I had class Monday morning and will again Wednesday morning. I was planning on going to bed about 2 hours ago.

Except, of course, I then began reading The Writer's Tale, and if you haven't gotten it guys, I'm telling you to get it, because I'm honestly finding it more fascinating than any Neil Gaiman novel. I've seriously got a highlighter out, and I'm giggling every other page.

Also, RTD and I apparently share the same birthday (4/27). Just... do what now? When did this happen and why was I not informed? I just sort of stared at the page for a bit and then decided, yeah, sleep, sleep would be good.

So... yeah, sorry for the complete and utter lack of a point to this post; hopefully that will change in, say, about 10 hours, factoring in buying-milk-for-breakfast time?


Nov. 9th, 2008 11:54 pm
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Sacrificing my writing for page-limits is something that bothers me immensely, but as this is a story begging to be about 10-15 singe-spaced pages when the limit is 5, it seems I have no choice.

Ah well, I'll cut it off after one scene for the story I hand in and then extend it for the sake of the story itself.

Yay lesbians and addiction!

ETA: When cracking my back makes it worse, I should stop doing it. (No, I am not the brightest bulb in the bulb factory. Not even the second brightest. Ow.)
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If I get into it, editing my novel is actually fun. Granted, I then have something I have to re-edit (as a second draft involves so much insertion and deletion and fiddling), but it's almost like discovering another piece of the story.

See, whenever I think of editing a piece, I get an image in my head. Now this is odd, as I have no visual artistic talent whatsoever, but it's how it works.

The image: a long expanse of dark gray wool and cotton and probably hair and spilled soda, full of snarls and knots and criss-crosses and just ugliness. The editing process, then, smooths out these bumps and bunches, putting in bridges or cutting out the wrong and/or excess bits or just pressing down until it all stretches out.

The first edit takes care of some of the gunk, giving you a decent field of cloth. The next edit fixes it further, and then the next, and then the next...

In the end, you have created something smooth and pleasant and sort of shiny. And colorful, so I suppose you must dye the fabric too. Finishing touches, probably. Those moments when you go through and figure out how many times to write a character's names or whether certain analogies work or whether it should be "don't" or "do not."

The fabric will still have its kinks, of course, as there's always more fiddling to do. But...

It will be pretty, and whole, and just... finished. Something to be proud of even if no one likes it but you.

The image probably works better in my head than my description of it does for you all, but as it is 2 AM and I didn't get enough sleep last night as a result of coughing (and lost most of my voice over the course of today), I hope I can be forgiven.

Oh, and guys? Why am I not asleep?

(P.S. If someone could just get on me to finish this, commenting and altogether pressuring me and kicking my ass into editing, I would be very grateful! Seriously, even if you just recently friended me, even if you don't write, even if you only have time for a one-word "EDIT!!!!!1111" comment, even if you hate my writing with a passion of passions. Just the reminder that I need to get this done and that someone besides me is aware of my Merchat's saga [though it's not really a saga or just about the Merchant, but that's beside the point] would really help.)
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The Doctor/Rose/Master chapter I just finished (that should be off to the beta's in the next day or two, I might add) has a tone shift I am very very proud of, going from cute and cuddling to "Oh shit, this is very very bad." And not in the way one might expect. (I didn't even expect it until I wrote it.)

Also, the Master's snark during a Rose/Doctor conversation is just so much fun to write.
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Swiped from [ profile] kalleah:

When you see this, post snippets of all your works-in-progress.

All of them? I think not... That'd probably be more than one lj entry! But the ones that actually have a chance of becoming something at some point? Okay!

Though keep in mind that most of these are still in their rough stages and will be fixed up sometime soon.

In Which Rose Goes Universe-Hopping )

Rose During the Events of Turn Left )

Ten II and Rose )

Upcoming Doctor/Master/Rose )

Also, there is a Doctor Who/Farscape crossover in the works, a sequel to Story Time and Things That Go Boom (which is the world I'll be turning to whenever I want to write a fun crack!y break), more post-JE stuff, and if I ever finish it, Ten/Reinette (with Ten/Rose therein). Hopefully I'll actually write/finish some of this sometime soon. Hope you guys liked the sneak-peaks (that prove I really am writing stuff, I swear!). :D

And now, to write some original fic!

Ta, my dears!

P.S. I just saw a Firefly commercial. In Russian. For Russian TV. Hee!
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I get home, first thing I do: eat Russian candy. Second thing: watch the end of Journey's End with the 'rents (and I'm watching the grinny smiley part. I love the grinny smiley part!).

I love life.

Granted, the airport trip was the airport trip from hell (i.e. I go to the airport, realize I left my student ID and debit card back at the dorm and can't find my driver's license, have to go back to the dorm while freaking out and feeling nauseous and hoping my driver's license is with my other cards, get back to the airport with an hour left till my flight [after paying 135 dollars for the taxi], and then wait around because the security line is evilly long and because the flight has been overbooked so I'm not guaranteed a seat. Fun times, really.)

Well luckily it all worked out and I'm here, so yay!

Also, before this episode gets to the part that makes me all iffy, I will sign off.

Ta mates!

EDIT: Donna! T-T *Blubbers* Doctor! (*clings to Music of the Spheres while resisting the urge to CHUCK THINGS AT THE SCREEN*) And I so love Wilf. So much. So so much.

Also, watching anything I really enjoy with my mother in the room (who makes the most annoying comments ever)=not something I suggest.

EDIT 2: The conversation with the dead person is finally finished! Now I have something to fiddle with in Russia where TV won't be all distracting.

My plan for tomorrow: drive doggie to vet, write lots of fanfiction (and watch Doctor Who accordingly), buy hair dye, watch X-Files movie, and do some of that internship stuff I should probably get to.
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I think my subject line says it all.

I love it when my mind creates this really complex, interesting, jam-packed with social commentary, potential-filled world without me even trying. Granted, I just got up an hour and a half earlier than I wanted to--on the morning of my final--to write out the description of this world so that I don't forget it, but... it's worth it.
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I miss Martha (especially Martha, who I'm terrified might not be in Torchwood). And the Mister Master. And Rose. And I want to give the Doctor hugs.

And I need to rewatch SoD/LotT, not only for fic but because I just want to watch Martha and the Master be badass. Well, watch Martha be badass. The Master is more insane in awesome ways. And then there's that ending!

AND I WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING INSTEAD OF STUDYING ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. The best way to make a student hate a subject: final exams.

And have I mentioned how amazing and brilliant and emotion-provoking Murray Gold's music is? 'Cos, um, yeah, totally is.
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1. Avoid sleep and procrastinate on studying.

2. Watch Law and Order: SVU whenever not out of the room. In other words, for very much of/most of the day. Pretend to study while doing so.

3. Panic about the fact that I'm moving out on Friday and have packed/stored nothing.

4. Be really really tired but avoid sleep. Seriously, what?

5. Continue to yearn to read the fanfiction I want to read. Though I probably have to wait for the weekend for that, because of the whole Orgo thing and because of the whole brain-can't-process-concepts-right-now thing.

6. Continue to put off e-mailing professor about the research paper, and continue putting off calling the place where I'm volunteering in the Fall.

7. Panic some more.

6. Write lj entries to avoid sleep. And I love sleep. ...I don't get it either.

Also, fanfiction I need to write/plan on writing:

1. Rose before/during Turn Left. This fic will not leave me alone, I swear. I'm already in the process of figuring out what the hell a causal nexus is and how the Doctor's universe relates to all others, and how those universes interrelate...

2. Farscape/Doctor Who crossover. I don't know how, I don't know when in their respective timelines (though S2 of Doctor Who, sometime after RotC/AoS is a must), but it needs to be done. The fun would just be... so fun, and the angst so angsty, and it'd be a proper adventure, and I'd get to do yet another take on alternate universes, and I finally get my Doctor/Crichton bonding! (Or bondage. You know, whichever.)

3. Doctor/Rose/Master. ...Have I mentioned how much I fail at updating?

(2.5: Master/Scorpius bonding... Oh dear oh dear, bad mind, bad.)

4. Post-JE fic that's been bouncing around my head, told from the perspectives of pretty much everyone but the Doctor and Rose. I just have this image of JE Spoiler )

And original fic:

1. Short story. Almost done. The final conversation just won't end. Honestly, how hard is it to say goodbye to someone who's dead?

2. Novel. Edit. Revise. Then do structural editing. Research. Revise. Revise again. Take a break, read though. Revise again. Finish.

...I'm on page 40 in the first read-through.

And now I go to sleep. *Sigh*

Night, mates!
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So I'm editing my novel (finally, right?) and I'm realizing that, for the first part of it, one of my main characters comes off like a creepy stalker. He's the villain, yeah, but not that kind.

Note to self--fix it.

ETA: Also, why my creative writing teacher didn't sit me down and give me a calm talk about how 3rd person limited is not and will never be 3rd person omniscient, even if I switch around whose is the 3rd person limited voice (with a complete lack of transition, I might add), I don't know. But it just comes off sloppy and jerky (speaking of, I really want beef jerky).

Guess this is all part of the editing process, though, eh? And maybe/hopefully a sign I've improved in a year? :P
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Totally finished the second chapter of my fic (finally)! Just need it betaed and then, yay! I'm still worried about the structure and whether it gets tedious, but I figure said beta would help me with that. Once again I have less in it than I planned, but I think 5.5 pages single-spaced is enough for one chapter and that nearly 10 pages might be too much. And while the next scene could really go in this chapter or the next chapter (and, if this thing were broken up into real book-like chapters, would probaby go with these first two parts as the first chapter), it'll work in the next part. Certainly be a nice contrast, and I can always switch it around somewhere down the line.

And, on a completely different note, I have all my grades back but for one. Now I really really really want to know that one already, and by all rights I should, but until then I can rest content in that I've otherwise managed a 4.0 my freshman year at Hopkins. So.... yay. :)

Now all I need is to really thoroughly edit my novel and to not be taking Organic Chemistry this summer (if only, if only...), and all will be right with the world.

How are all of you guys? Comment and tell me, seriously. I'm nosy, I like to know these things. :P


May. 21st, 2008 02:13 am
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Hello fanfiction. What say you about your structure being all wrong and my mind failing at sinking into the characters' voices and the world?

Hello novel. What say you about so much editing I will never be able to just sit down and do it all?

Hello short stories. What say you about me never sitting down and editing you, well, ever?

I am disappointing to myself at times. *Shakes head*
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I love Martha, I really do. She deserves hugs. And a parade. And she is just so very badass.

Yet somehow, I have this unbelievably hard time writing her!

Now, I've been rusty lately, that I'll admit. And not in the channeling RTD way but in the watching-episode-after-episode-and-still-struggling-with-voices way. Now with Rose and the Doctor I'm getting better, just need to stay in this head-space. With the Master... the Master's too much fun to be hard (and wow did that come out awkwardly). Jack I can hear pretty easily. But for some reason, Miss Martha Jones is just not forthcoming. And I had the same issue the last time I wrote her too.


So... this is me putting off writing any more for the night, probably a good thing since I must be awake in 6.5 hours. And hopefully her psyche will sink into mine at some point during the night.

So, yes...

Ta mates!

P.S. And yes, this is a sign that the Doctor-Rose-Master fic is FINALLY being written (and that a first chapter may or may not be at the delightful beta's :P). All of ye, rejoice!


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