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So, I'm trying to remember...

Tell me, fellow X-Files fanatics, when was the particular Mulder abduction that led to his irregular brain activity and eventual 'second' abduction at the end of season 7? Because I'm totally blanking on this.
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The 2nd X-Files movie: in which Mulder and Scully each pursue their own neuroses and Scully’s motivations in terms of their relationship make no freaking sense. Spoilery Discussion Follows )

So… overall, I enjoyed it, although one might not assume so from this entry. Mulder was awesome, Scully had her moments, and Surprise Character )!!!

The problem was, its plot, character motivations, and dialogue just didn’t make sense half the time.
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Who else here thinks that Chris Carter was full of crap when he claimed that Mulder and Scully weren't meant to be building up to anything couple-y when the show first started out? I mean, they're holding hands and, by episode 13, Mulder's stroking Scully's face to comfort her about her father dying. Yeah, that's a very best friend/work partner thing to do.

That said... X-Files=Win.


Mar. 24th, 2006 10:34 pm
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X-Files and Farscape=the SUPERIOR sci-fi shows ^.^


Aug. 17th, 2005 05:06 am
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"My vehicle was experiencing engine failure." I remember Mike making fun of that... XD
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Hey guys, in the X-Files, how many times does Scully get kidnapped? Seriously? Because Mulder saves her in the movie from one time, but then there's this X-Files episode where she's just been returned in a coma. Is it just these two times.? O.o

It would really suck to be Mulder or Scully, love or not...
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Scully and Mulder so did the funky chicken in "all things." Why else would she be getting dressed in the SAME outfit? (Hi, I'm in my obsessive mood, how are you today? :P)

Yeah, so in other words, fanfic time! XD Just not now "at this late hour." :P

Ta mates.


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