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Like, really really fun. First, there was school. Yeah, w/ev's. But then was Philosophy Club, in which I drew interesting pictures until I got bored and went to sci-fi. That was fun, since there, we watched "Boondock Saints" and hung out. Actually pretty good movie. I liked it loads, though the end was a little odd... However, how else do you END that? O.o

Then Mariya and I hung out with people till we had to go and prepare for Hallowell Open House. We cut tomatoes. ^.^ Then we went to dinner and ran into people again, and actually convinced Gray to come to some of Open House. My deal with Nick was that he would come as long as Mariya and I would ditch our own dorm's Open House to come to his dorm, Goodwin, and hang out. Basically, Mariya and I went back after having dinner and grabbing my guitar and other than hooking up some extension cords, we didn't do much. Hence, we hung out on the hammock with Zach and then Alex until 7:30, when the Open House started. We had EVERYONE in our room (Open Pareitals, meaning we just had to leave our door open and we could have anyone in our room without faculty permission), we showed everyone our skull dancing to "Toxic" video (Mariya and I got rlly bored one day), and we showed them Mariya's incest pictre..... Gray and Kate. It was amusing. XD

Nick left, Gray began to leave, and steadily we all kinda departed. I hung out in the basement of Wolcott for a while but after being unable to get ANYONE to come with me, I walked over to Goodwin.... in the dark.... across the street of a graveyard... (it actually wasn't that scary but I'm a drama queen, I guess :P). I ended up playing Halo with Nick (actually really fun) until Elle and Sarah, me big sister appointed by the grade, showed up and we watched sketchy anime (i.e. PG-13 porn with incest) and hit Nick a lot. We threw peanuts at him. I was on his bed for a while (NOT with him, mind) and various sketchy comments were made cuz we're all perv's like that.

Mariya RAN OVER a few minutes before check-in cuz she was hyper as all hell from hanging out with people in Wolcott, and then we walked back. Goodwin... the new happenin' place to be, tho' Wolcott basement is a close second.

So.... yeah, fun.

And now, I'm off.

Ta mates.

P.S. I can now do mouse clicks on my mouse pad! ^.^
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