Jan. 8th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Chapter 1 rewriting (and I have come to realize that, when you edit something you wrote two years ago, rewriting becomes, literally, re-writing) complete!

So, 10 pages done, about 200 left to go. Wheeee....
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So I'm editing my novel (finally, right?) and I'm realizing that, for the first part of it, one of my main characters comes off like a creepy stalker. He's the villain, yeah, but not that kind.

Note to self--fix it.

ETA: Also, why my creative writing teacher didn't sit me down and give me a calm talk about how 3rd person limited is not and will never be 3rd person omniscient, even if I switch around whose is the 3rd person limited voice (with a complete lack of transition, I might add), I don't know. But it just comes off sloppy and jerky (speaking of, I really want beef jerky).

Guess this is all part of the editing process, though, eh? And maybe/hopefully a sign I've improved in a year? :P

I <3 my OC

Jan. 19th, 2008 06:31 pm
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So if any of you have actually been paying attention to the novel snippets I've strewn around here (I really can't blame you if you haven't been... they're vague to the point of a steamy room you've never been in before anyway), you'll know that one of my two main characters is "Sandra Kinne." You might also know that, dear God, I've had such a hard time with her. She was just... too stereotypical and a bit like a cardboard cutout who had a personality that was like some steamy room for me, and until a few months ago (when I was already well into Part 2 and had written 100+ pages), I could never figure out what made her tick.

Well you know, I've just realized how much I adore her. At the moment, she'd completely horrified and half in-denial, but she's just forcing herself to accept what's going on--at least for now but probably permanently--and get to business. Sure they've got time to waste, sure there's plenty of other things she'd rather be doing, sure she's even spent the past few hours whining, but it's time to actually do something, and she's not going to sit around while bad shit's going down. Sort of like Rose in TIP taking charge, really, though with less actual "taking charge" and more collaboration.

I admire this gal.

And I know this might sound conceited or odd or like I'm discussing a real person, but hey, I've lived with this character in my head for, oh, several months now, and I'll probably be stuck with her for several more months. And I'm okay with that; she's far less self-centered than the other two main characters. I adore her.

And I could play her in Crazy Eights. :D

...And with y'all probably thinking I'm nuts, I will now skitter off and write and watch SVU.

Ta, my dears!


Jan. 3rd, 2008 04:53 am
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I finally figured out how to end my novel. For the longest time, I've just had this vague notion that Sandra and Valentyne would have some sort of confrontation with Elias and Elias's great-grandfather's soul would be involved and, whoosh, everything back to normal! Now... it's sort of like that but sort of not, and involves a helluva lot more research about the early 1900's and time travel and time going a bit melty/'splodey and it should be far more fun.

Wheeeeee writing. ^___^

Ah yes, and Kaila, don't kill me for not getting that fic to you yet! I'm watching PotC3 and writing you tentacle porn tomorrow, don't fret. (*Shudders* @_@)

DW holiday ficcy is with the lovely [ profile] hippiebanana132 for betaing, and the Vamp Chronicles shower+alcohol+Lestat+Louis crack-ficcy (that may or may not exist) is all done. I hope you enjoyed, [ profile] chaperoned, and if anyone else would like this fic that may or may not exist what with Anne Rice sueing her fanfic writers, I'd be happy to e-mail!

...And now I should go to sleep.

Night, mates!

P.S. And on another note, I saw Sweeney Todd today. Interesting. Good, disturbing, and interesting. I think "interesting" is the best word for it, actually. And JD's singing voice makes me happy on a fundamental level of happiness. And Tim Burton kicks ass. And DAMN these people can act.
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Okay, here's a bit from my novel that I later fixed, but in its unedited form is rather hysterical:

From the middle of Elias's bedroom, Valentyne turned away from the painting of a stormy seascape hanging at the head of the immaculately made king-size bed. "Hmm?"

Elias scowled. "Our business is in here, Valentyne, not my bedroom."

"I assume you're opposed to a friendly trade between colleagues, then?" Valentyne asked, his eyes flicking again to the painting, but he was already moving. They had been through this particular routine three times already, and he didn't expect anything to change this time around.

"Of course not," Elias replied, "as long as we're trading our

Nope, I didn't make that sexual at all. Nuh uh.


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