The Con

Apr. 22nd, 2007 01:58 pm
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Only one word can describe it: fuckinwickedbadass. XD SOOOOOO much fun.

Friday: We left directly after school (or at least were supposed to, but we got held up by various peoplez), so ultimately, it was Mariya, me, and Gray walking to the T. I was wearing my bodice and was called a skanky wood elf again...

Well they ditched me when I took the bus (rather annoying, actually), but when I finally got the Con, I got to chill with Juli. ^.^ Her finace bothering her is the most amusing thing ever... Then, I basically hung out with Emma and Vinay and saw Sarah and Andy, which was really cool. There were also some great AMV's, tho' none as good as last year.

And there was also this AMAZING CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!! Like, he looked EXACTLY like him, and he put his arm around me and I got a picture and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!! ^.^

At the end, we got picked up by Gray's mom and Emma and I saw in the trunk (think SUV type thing). We waved and blew kisses at the car's behind us..... and got various answering waves and lights flashing. XD

Saturday: Chelsea, Mariya, Gray, and I meet up at the Student Center at 9 AM (more or less), grab beakfast, and go. I am wearing a Hot Topic black and red miniskirt, fishnets, knee-high black boots, and a skull-and-crossbones tube top. .....I was called a whore by my friends and Goth my Julie. But back to the story.

We arrive. Those 3 go watch the FMA movie, and I go chill with Juli again. w007. I then find Vinay and Emma, spotted Nikki, found Kaila, and we watched this REALLY odd anime. I spotted Lisa but she was too busy stalking Dr. Cube to give me a hug.... thanks Lisa. -_-" We then got in line for the Masquerade about 2.5 hrs early (which was good... the line extended DOWNSTAIRS by the time of the seating) and found Shadow. Hanging out in line was so much fun.... except when Chelsea wrote this on my arm: "I cost $90" (in a heart), and below that, SPECIAL OFFER: anime peepz: u get 1 night for $30. Thanks Chelsea.

But... I SAW JACK AGAIN!!! I'd seen him various times (and had to resist the urge to stalk but was incapable of resisting the urge to stare) and just stared, but this time, I asked for a hug. ^.^ He should've hugged tighter.... but still. I got to hug Captain Jack Sparrow. My life is amazing. Vinay told me to ask him to sign me anywhere.... I declined.

The Masquerade was cool, the winning romance AMV was such fan service, but I love it. And then.... the Rave. ZOMG PAHYOSDYPYASPODYFPYASDGYSADG SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Emma can SHIMMY, damn..... I cannot. But I had so much fun. Most of the time, Mariya, Emma, Gray, Kaila and I were on the inside of those circles surrounding breakdancing people, and Emma went in and danced like skanks periodically. Amazing. ^.^ The best part was seeing Gray grind. This is Gray. The hippie. The one who avoids school dancs like the plague and contradances. We not only sandwiched Mariya to but also he started grinding with some random girl we don't know. My life was SOOOOO amusing. Mariya and I also started grinding with random ppl we don't know.

....And with that I'm officially a high school senior going into college.

When Kaila, Kassie, and I let for Kaila's, we made a discovery at 1 in the morning. There are no trains. So we call her dad and sit outside waiting for her dad at Copley Square. We get picked up at 2 AM in Boston. And I'm wearing my ho-skirt. I didn't get raped. I was happy.

So, overall Con purchases: Ichigo plushie, Urahara (I think that's the cool hat guy from Bleach's name...) in key chain form, URAHARA'S HAT (I was happy ^.^), a Doctor Who shirt about why Daleks can't be emo, and a Bleach wall hanging. Yay Con!

This morning we wake up at 10:40 by Kaila telling us we're getting picked up in 10-15 min.... That was fun. But I did get to see Tim, Nikki, Lisa, and Shaina again, so actually, it was fun. I did not go to the Con today but went back to Milton. I really need to be doing hw...

Ok, and this is me off. The Anime Convention KICKS ASS. I'll try to have pics up soon.

Ta mates!


Jun. 24th, 2006 04:36 am
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I should be asleep right now but Bleach is addicting. Officially my new favorite anime. XD *giggle giggle giggle* It started as Inuyasha, turned into Inuyasha grown up, became really cool, and has now had a LONG Cowboy Beebop moment as well as a hysterical teeny tiny spoiler ). I love this show. XD

I'll go sleep now.


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