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Title: A Storm That Was
Author: Salienne
Characters: Doctor/Rose established relationship, mentions of Romana, Susan, and OC’s
Rating: Hard R
Beta: All hail [ profile] enigma731! Much love, dear. :D

I’m afraid she has never seen Doctor Who, though (I know, I know, I’m trying to fix that :) ), and was only able to beta the writing itself. Thus, any mistakes in DW history, characterization, etc. are my own.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Doctor, Rose, the TARDIS, Gallifrey, or anything else Doctor Who. It all belongs to the BBC and the producers, directors, writers, actors, and anyone else I missed associated with Doctor Who.

Summary: Post “Fear Her”. What is there to hide under, what is there to run to or from, when there is no alien plot to foil or disaster to avert, when she has broken down his defenses and he can’t get up but he can’t just lie here either, when the past is clawing at him but leaving and being alone with these wounds is not something he is sure he can bear.

A/N: Not a Christmas-themed fic, I’m afraid, but something that has been brewing in my mind for a while. Now, coming in as a new Whovian, all the knowledge I have of Who comes from wikipedia, fellow fans, the TV movie, and the New Series. Thus, any and all mentions of Gallifrey, the Time War, etc. are mainly my own musings. So, notice something glaringly wrong? Tell me! Like something? Mention it! And, most of all, enjoy!

Rose and the Doctor lie side-by-side in bed. )
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Title: Before We Rest
Author: Salienne de Lioncourt
Rating: PG
Characters: Chase/Cameron
Summary: “My stepmother called today.” A late-night conversation between Cameron and Chase.
Discalimer: I do not own Cameron. I do not own Chase. I do not own (or even watch) General Hospital. The first two belong to Fox, David Shore, etc., while the latter belongs to ABC. I do, however, live in a house, which is almost the same thing, non?
A/N: It was [ profile] enigma731’s birthday a few days back, and I asked her what she wanted. Her response: some hurt/comfort fic. Well, this has some of that, though it’s mainly a good deal of Chase/Cameron fluff. Hope y’all (and especially you, m’dear birthday girl) enjoy!

It is nearly one in the morning, and as is typical for the two of them, Cameron and Chase are not yet asleep. )


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