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Dec. 10th, 2010 04:37 pm
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If someone with photo editing software could take this pic and somehow make a better version of my icon, I would love you for forever and a day and would give you all the internet cookies in the world and free fic!

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Hi everyone,

So I know I haven't posted in ages, but 4 days ago was my birthday and I am now 21! Yay! :D

For my birthday, I have a request. Namely, if you have anything to spare, pleasepleaseplease donate to Women for Women International or RAINN. The first helps women survivors of war and other conflicts, and the latter provides a hotline for survivors of sexual assault in the US. Both provide very important services, and even if you’ve only got a few spare dollars, I would love if you could give what you could. ♥

The Appropriate Links:

RAINN's website:
Donation page:
Women for Women International's website:
Donation page:

On another note, I really will try to make an effort to actually, well, post more now that summer's coming up. And hey, maybe I'll even get my writing groove back.

Hope all your lives are going well. :)
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I love you FL, oh yes I do...

And I'd love you even more if any of you amazing lovely beautiful intelligent fantastic brilliant Brits would be willing to beta my fix-it Torchwood fic for me?

It's going to be on the longer side of things (about 20 chapters, it looks like), but hopefully worth reading, and I would really really appreciate it. There will also be cookies in it for you! (Possibly not corporeal ones, but we'll overlook that for now, shall we?)

So... any takers?
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Anyone be willing to beta a House fic? There's no real deadline for when I need it by; just sometime soon would be nice. Even if it's just for grammar/content and not character, I would be very grateful. :D

And [ profile] enigma731, you are excluded from this request. It's bad luck for the birthday girl to see the pressie before it's done. :P

And I really need a House icon...


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