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You know, I actually enjoyed that. I mean, despite the sexism, as that's always there, but still.

What I liked )

What I liked... not so much )

In conclusion, Moffat can write, and write well. I just wish he wasn't like so many other male writers in that his writing is also really damn sexist.
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I would appreciate your plot twists more if they weren't sexist as fuck.
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My three-word reaction to the Christmas special )

Otherwise, yeah, that was good nonsensical fun. I just wish that Moffat would realize that, um... women are kind of their own people. And exist, you know, beyond men and stuff.
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This is honestly one of the best DW vids I've ever seen--creative, interesting, touching, and absolutely hilarious.

The life of Ten and his companions, as watched by Nine, narrated by music: Tenth Doctor: The Musical

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Do you understand Ten's pain? I don't think you do. I think only a playlist with commentary from Ten would make you understand HOW MUCH HE HURTS, OKAY.

Choice excerpt:

I've found some good music lately that I just wanted to share:

1. "My Immortal" by Evanescence

"I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave
Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase"

No one understands what I'm going through, but this song makes me feel a little less alone. I really identify with the lyrics, especially about this mysterious person's presence still lingering. Unlike this artists, I miss multiple people and am completely alone. :'(

(Yeah, I scared my cat by laughing too loud.)

The rest available here at [ profile] angst_junkie's lj.
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Yes, somewhere on the internet, this happened.

And it is amazing.

Have a snippet:


"Be nice, Pond."

"But Doctor, they're--"

"Angel babies. Yes, I see that."

"And that--"

"Telepathic dolphin, yes."

"Okay," Amy said, and looked at him sidelong. "I'm not mad, just tell me the truth; you drugged me."

Have a link: There Will Be No Shame by NonlinearLover

P.S. It's also songfic.
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So I finally saw the Silurians 2-parter, as I have yet to watch last week's episode until today and haven't really been bothered by it (this should tell you something about my level of enthusiasm for this show).

Thinky-thoughts, which turned out more negative than I expected )

I don't know, either the quality has truly suffered, or maybe this just isn't my show anymore. Maybe there's some sort of character thread I'm not getting. Maybe the heart and soul are still there, and I just can't connect anymore.

But for me, with the possible exception of the Doctor, the characters now seem like plot devices rather than people, and the emotional core is just missing. Doctor Who has been such a huge part of my life for years now, and this leaves me frustrated and a bit sad.

It's not that I hate Moffat's Doctor Who. I don't care enough to hate it.

While I'm entertained during any given episode, afterward, I'm left, well, indifferent. And after an ending like this one, I should be sad or grateful or intrigued or excited or angry or scribbling fanfic like mad. The very last thing I should be is indifferent.
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So apparently I do not update except to give television show reactions. Sorry about that.

That said, "The End of Time: Part One" was pretty much awesome. Some dodgy writing, yeah, but I loved it. (And think Jack would have had far too much fun during that final scene... if, you know, he were still on Earth and not off feeling sorry for himself on Sigma N'Chok Seven or wherever.)

Now I should get back to packing and trying to figure out what I'm doing in Paris for 3 days, as I'm off tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck!
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Spoilers, and the ways in which I'm really not at all impressed. If you haven't watched it and/or loved it, you may not want to click. )

I hate being disappointed like this, guys, because I really wanted to be excited for Ten's grand exit. As is, if I didn't dislike Moffat so much, I'd already be looking forward to season 5. :/

ETA: More spoilery spoilers of spoiling )
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I think that says it all, really.

(NOTE: I think I made these small enough, but if they mess up your friend's pages, just tell me and I'll resize or cut them. :) )
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Title: things that just were
Author: [ profile] salienne
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG/PG-13
Spoilers: Through “The Impossible Planet”
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, RTD, and all the other professionals involved in the creation of the show; I just like to run around their playground now and again.
Summary: Scooti Manista is dead and the drills have stopped drilling. Before anyone goes anywhere, Rose has a moment to think, and she and the Doctor have a moment to talk.
Beta: The lovely Sara, who still really needs an lj.
A/N: Written for the Time in Flux ficathon at [ profile] doctor_rose_fic. Also really late due to a new dog and a sick cat, but all is well with them now and hopefully with this fic. :) Any and all feedback is both appreciated and encouraged, and thank you very much for reading!

(Rose sat with her legs drawn up, her back pressed against a gray metal wall.)
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Title: And Deaths Redone (1/?)
Author: [ profile] salienne
Characters: Doctor (Ten), Jack. Eventually Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Alice, and really the whole Torchwood crew and then some
Spoiler Warning: Through Children of Earth
Rating: R
Summary: Here there be spoilers )
Disclaimer: Torchwood belongs to the BBC and the associated writers, directors, actors, etc. I just like to borrow the toys now and again, but I give them back.
Beta: Sara, whose lj is so rarely used that I forget its name
A/N: Yes this is a fix-it, but hopefully a plausible one. I’ve really tried to balance the drama here, with a mix of gain and sacrifice, bunnies and firestorms, and I hope what I’ve done works. As always, I’d love feedback, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Also, I’m desperately seeking a Brit-picker for this story, so if any of you are interested, just drop me a comment. You would have my eternal gratitude.

(She is sitting behind the counter...)
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DW/Repo! during LotT.

I think my life has become complete.

(And if these two fandoms weren't so diametrically opposed, I would totally write a crossover. Instead, I think I'll finish proofreading before finally doing some proper Doctor Who fanfic, like I've been meaning to for months.)


Jul. 1st, 2009 12:20 am
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So, I'm trying to figure out how to fix River Song's ending. I'm thinking Bad Wolf, or future!Ten, or weird time paradoxes, or Rose hopping through universes and somehow ending up in digi!land, or...

You know, I really don't know. But now that we have her, I just want to make it better.
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Initial spazzing over 11 )

And on another note entirely, I'm trying to figure out what sort of novel the Master wrote under the guise of Harold Saxon. According to the Harold Saxon website, it's entitled Kiss Me, Kill Me. Apparently Harold Saxon is also vaguely based on Jeffrey Archer, whose own bestseller can be described here.

So... ideas, guys?

I'm thinking thriller with all sorts of fun subtext between the two leads, though I'm not sure if they'd need to be male and female to be on the Bestseller list (yes, I do have that little faith in people in general). And perhaps some Da Vinci Code-like searching through some famous place (though with probably far more historical accuracy)? Maybe they have to run around the Louvre or Hermitage?

(Yes, I do think he'd write something this cliche to make fun of the dumb humans and still end up on the Bestseller list.

And yes, this is for the Master/Lucy fanfic I'm writing.)

Any ideas?
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2008 Fic Round-Up

Bananas and India (Ten/Rose) - The Doctor and Rose visit a banana grove.

The Coward’s Way Out (Ten, Jack, Master) - After a particularly gruesome torture session, the Master leaves the Doctor and Jack alone in a cell together.

Learning Curve (Nine/Rose) - Rose learns that somehow, the Doctor has managed to go 900 years without ever riding a bike, and just what sort of person would she be if she didn't set out to remedy that situation?

Fools to Truth [1-4/?] (Ten/Rose, Master, Jack, Martha) - AU where Rose didn’t get trapped in Pete’s World. She (and Martha) were there throughout S3. Also, at the end of LotT, the Master isn’t shot.

Post-LotT. With the Master aboard the TARDIS, Rose and the Doctor must learn to coexist with the Time Lord who, for a year, destroyed their lives and the lives of all those on the planet below. A story about change and choices, about the growth of relationships and the unforeseen consequences our decisions can bring.

Pieces (Ten II/Rose) - There are several very fine lines between loving and settling and accepting. To Rose, they’re all just a big blur. A late-night conversation between Rose and the Doctor who is just not her Doctor.

Story Time and Things That Go Boom (Rose, Martha, Donna) - The adventures of three girls and a TARDIS.

To be honest, guys, I’m rather disappointed. Granted, this doesn’t count original fiction, but I still wish I’d done more. I guess this is what happens when you take organic chemistry over the summer and then 21 credits during Fall semester?
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Title: Fools to Truth (4/?)
Author: [ profile] salienne
Betas: [ profile] hippiebanana132, who did this for me ages ago and is all sorts of awesome.
Characters: Ten/Rose, Master
Rating: PG-13 (will go up in later chapters)
Summary: AU where Rose did not get trapped in Pete’s World, and both she and Martha were there throughout S3. Also, at the end of LotT, the Master is not shot.

Post-LotT. With the Master aboard the TARDIS, Rose and the Doctor must learn to coexist with the Time Lord who, for a year, destroyed their lives and the lives of all those on the planet below. A story about change and choices, about the growth of relationships and the unforeseen consequences decisions can have.

Spoilers: Through “Last of the Time Lords”
Disclaimer: Not mine, I’m afraid. But it’s a fun sandbox to play in, oh yes.
A/N: So… it’s been a while since the last chapter, and the fault for that lies entirely with me. Hopefully now that my crazy first semester is over, updates will come on a somewhat regular basis. And, as always, I hope you all enjoy!

(The next week and a half is calm and uneventful, broken only by phone calls or the television chatter Rose uses to fill those (frequent) stretches of time when the Doctor is with the Master, somewhere she cannot be.)

Previous parts can be found here.
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1. HPOAYHOPYAOEYOPIUARE SO GOOD GUYS SO FREAKING GOOD! Seriously, that was very very well done, it wasn't nearly as repetitive or depressing as last year's, and Rosita and Morrison's "Doctor" and our Doctor just have great chemistry. The plot is fun and Miss Hartigan is great. I love it.

Spoilery 2 and 3 )

ETA: So I'm trying to figure out if the sexism was intentionally placed to go with the time-period or just RTD not realizing what he's writing and how it comes off. I'm leaning towards the former, because it wasn't the awkward almost-subtext of Moffat but more obvious "You are a woman and thus I make decisions" stuff, and because Miss Hartigan goes on about it so much.

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So, I've just finished reading a good deal of RTD's script for JE (if you haven't seen it, you can find it here). I love how much fun he has with it; it's a very distinctive, fun sort of writing style.

But. The episode.

Random thoughts (cut for those of you who still somehow haven't seen it) )

That said, I really want to write a) How Master and Lucy Met, and b) Post-JE Ten II/Rose. And I still need to write universe-hopping Rose, and finally upload that Doctor/Rose/Master chapter, and there's the Doctor Who/Farscape fic, and the River Song/Jack/Ten II/Rose fic I'm not sure if I've mentioned in here yet.

...I can't wait till next semester. Maybe I'll actually have time to write.

ETA: It would also have been nice for Rose to somehow show us what else she's been doing in that AU other than trying to get back to the Doctor. I mean, you know she's been badass exploring that Earth, defending it, and going out on mad drunken karaoke nights with Jake and Mickey and that awesome woman from the office down the hall. It just would've been nice to see about some of it.
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Yup, Exit Wounds still makes no sense. (Well, either that or Jack has the most well-adjusted form of Dissociative Identity Disorder ever and it took over for some 2000 years.)

Regardless, Gray and the Master would be a very amusing team until the Master got bored and killed the poor guy.

'Cos 2000 years of constant suffocation and death? C'mon, you know the Master wishes he thought of that. And I'm sure Gray would love to have seen the Year That Never Was. And Voltaire's "When You're Evil" could be playing in the background! Or the Teletubbies. You know, whichever.

...I think Physics and Bio have melted my brain, but I totally want to write this now.

ETA: Whoever wrote the dialogue for Gray? Fail. Epic fail. The actor's skills weren't good enough to pull off the archaic and whiny-ness of it all, so while John Barrowman is acting his heart out and doing a pretty damn good job, I just want to smack this kid.

Also, why does Jack carry chloroform napkins in his coat pocket...?


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